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Invincible Youth welcomes their new members!

With the broadcast last week being the last for SNSD’s Yuri, Sunny and 4minute’s Hyuna, the June 18th episode of Invincible Youth will signal a new beginning with 3 new G7 members and the surprise temporary addition of another.
We reported previously that f(x)’s Victoria, After School’s Joo Yeon, and Sori would be joining the G7 crew, but who is this mysterious temporary addition you ask? It’s none other then Koyote’s Kim Jong Min! With such a talented comedian joining the cast for some time, viewers are bound to enjoy the new episodes.

Small interviews were held with each member about how they feel with the new members joining, and pertaining to their Invincible Youth experience.

Kim Shin Young said, “I’m sad to see three original members leave our crew, but I’m excited for the new additions. Hopefully we can become just as close.” The comedian continued to talk about herself and how she feels she’s doing on the show, “I feel like I haven’t been as funny and energetic as I used to be, I did comedy much better in the past. I’ll try my best and teach the new members all I can.”

Next up was T-ara’s Hyomin who talked about the tears she shed when Sunny made her departure from the show and said, “When I first found out that Sunny was leaving the show, I was devastated. She taught me many things from performing arts to responsibility.” and continued by thanking Sunny. She added, “I will teach the new members what Sunny taught me, especially the great burden of responsibility.”

Recently added member Joo Yeon also had some things to say, “I’m excited to be part of this unique crew. Though the situation will be tough at times, in the end it will be much more enjoyable and rewarding. This will be a new experience for me where I can show my true self.” Joo Yeon also apologized to fellow After School members Jung Ah and Nana because their auditions weren’t accepted.

With most members being in a popular girl group, solo singer Sori felt left out, and actually thought that she wouldn’t make it in. She said, “I wanted to be in this program from the start, however I never had a chance due to my busy schedules then. I’m not as popular as others, so I’m really glad to have been chosen.”


Narsha said, “At first, many people thought of me as scary due to my older age. But being this old means I have a lot of experience. I can teach the new members necessities in life, and because of that, I’m glad to have an adult idol image.”


Secret’s Sunhwa was very thankful for being part of the show and stated, “Being a part of Invincible Youth and Secret really saved my life. I have learned so much about life in a short amount of time, and greatly appreciate having the opportunity. I was able to build confidence and I will share that with the new family members.”

Kara’s Goo Hara confessed that she didn’t want to join Invincible Youth at first. She said, “Frankly, I wasn’t interested in joining Invincible Youth at first. I’m glad that I continued with it though, because I could never meet another group of sisters other then the ones I met through Invincible Youth. I greatly appreciate having the opportunity, and will be sure to share lots of love with the new members.”

Goo Hara is now the official maknae of G7 as well. Hyuna was previously the youngest, however left the show due to scheduling conflicts.

Victoria wasn’t too comfortable at first when she saw chickens and bugs. She said, “At first, the chickens and bugs I saw really didn’t appeal to me. But soon after, I really started to enjoy my experience. I’m glad to have an opportunity to come out once a week and work with fellow members. I feel at home already.”

Lastly we have the ever-so-famous comedian, better known as Kim Jong Min. He’s temporarily participating in the show for 4 weeks to teach the new members about variety programs, especially in Invincible Youth’s environment.

He said, “I’m helping the new members adapt to this type of variety show. However, the new members already seem to know what they’re doing, so what am I here for?” He continued by saying, “We all know 1N2D (1 Night, 2 Days) is more fresh then this show anyways,” causing the staff to burst out laughing.

It’s quite clear that the G7 crew has a strong family bond, always helping each other out and learning new things in the process. The first episode starring the new members is scheduled to air on the 18th, so stay tuned!

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folding screen couple lives on ♥ omg mindfuck that hara's maknae now. excite for new members! sori looks like gyuri kinda lol
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