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[Star Diary, Part 1] Into the Gunfire, I have to lose myself.

The last part of ‘Big Bang’s Star Diary’ will be in the form of big brother TOP’s journal. ‘TOP’s Star Diary’ is based on an interview with TOP. There will be parts 1 through 10.

The sound of exploding bombs, the whirlpool of war. I can’t tell if this is a dream or reality.

I was thrown onto the set of the film Into the Gunfire. Even until yesterday I had shaken up the stage as Big Bang’s big brother, and today I am thrown into war as student soldier Oh Jang Bum. My voice is hoarse from reading so many of Jang Bum’s letters and I am exhausted from filming such long war scenes. But the hardest thing is all the different roles inside of me.

To stand between Big Bang’s TOP and Oh Jang Bum and Choi Seung Hyun is too great to handle. Sleep doesn’t come easily at night. Lieutenant Oh Jang Bum, leading 71 student soldiers, who had to go head to head with a North Korean soldier at a school in Pohang without anyone to guide him.

The strangeness, horror, and responsibility that he must have felt, I feel it all inside me as I am on my own on this film set apart from the other members. I’ve enjoyed films ever since I was little. I liked the way films could play with a person’s emotions.
I really liked Tarantino films and Al Pacino in The Godfather and Scarface. While watching Trainspotting, I had the thought that I’ve got to live hard and to the fullest.

Will I be able to convey such strong energy to someone?
The reason I chose to do this film is because my heart to give strength to someone who admires me was so great. In order to become Oh Jang Bum, I can’t not lose myself.

The thought of, ‘I don’t belong here’ is growing dimmer, and the feeling that I want to do this right is burning stronger.

Source: Asiae
Translation: seungie@tumblr via bigbangupdates

Finally, it's here!
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