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Park Bo-young likely to face defamation charges

South Korean popular actress Park Bo-young, 20, who is in a legal dispute with the management agency she belongs to, is likely to face defamation charges by the agency.

Humane Entertainment said Saturday the prosecution cleared it of charges she lodged against it such as forgery of private documents in a contract, adding that it is considering filing a defamation suit.

Last April, Park charged the agency chief with fraud, claiming that the agency forged her existing contract and her warrant, using her seal without her permission.

In a press release, the agency claimed that "the management agency head rewrote articles of the contract based on an order from the fair trade regulators but there was no revision of substantial contents, such as contract period," which the prosecution accepted.

Furthermore, the press release said that the agency chief did not use Park's seal for other purposes, except for sending it to the Fair Trade Commission and Park herself.

The agency stated, "It is difficult for us to accept Park's statement that [our] trust has been crushed during the creation of the contract because, besides Park, there have been no complaints about edited contracts from other members of the company."

Source: The Korea Times
Tags: court / legal issues

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