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Runaway adds Daniel Henney to its cast

So Daniel Henney is joining Rain, Lee Jung-jin, and Lee Na-young in spy drama show Runaway, and I’m kinda ambivalent about it.

In Runaway, he’ll form a love triangle between Rain and Lee Na-young’s characters. (I’m guessing the name of that triangle is acute isosceles, wherein he’s the short leg. Seriously, I can’t imagine him being compelling against those two; Rain has serious screen presence and Lee can be mesmerizing.) Henney’s character watches over and protects Lee’s character, “but the details of the character have not yet been decided.” This suggests he wasn’t cast because he fit the script, but that they’ll be creating a role for him. I suppose this means Daniel Henney : Runaway :: Oh Ji-ho : Chuno.

I wonder if Henney will communicate solely in English, as he has in most (all?) of his roles; he speaks pretty good Korean but it seems he’s self-conscious about using it if it isn’t perfect. On the upside, it’ll be nice to have an English-speaking character in a drama actually knowing how to speak English.

Runaway is looking at a September premiere on KBS.

Source: Star News
Via: dramabeans
Tags: daniel henney, tv shows

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