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Former classmates reveal the explosive pasts of SISTAR

After making their sweet transition into stardom with their debut in Ceci,  it seems that rookie group SISTAR has been hit with their first big scandal.
One nifty netizen has taken the time to gather up comments made by former classmates and acquaintances of SISTAR’s youngest member, Dasom. It appears the 17-year-old had a rough past which in itself included drinking, smoking, stealing money and bullying. Though there has been an overabundance of former classmates speaking up with their evidence, it should be noted that this should be read with a grain of salt.

The comments written on these popular articles include the following:

“I’m really speechless as to what possessed this clueless girl to become a singer.”

“Drinking and smoking were just the basics; she dated a lot of guys. Even if they were just friends, she’d hug them and cling onto their arm. If another kid said anything about her, she’d call them over, and she would hit them, dust her cigarette ash into their hair, make the kid catch her cigarette ash in their hands, spit into their shoes, clothes, hair and bag. Then after she put something like a plastic bag over the kid’s head, she began to hit the kid and her friends hit the kid with their palms, but Dasom told them to use their fists since their palms would get swollen. She told them to hit the kid in the mouth so that their teeth fell out. She hit their eyes and nose, and she told her friends to hit them in the ear so they’d go deaf. She also gathered her guy friends when she was beating a kid.”

“SISTAR was originally supposed to debut in April, but Kim Dasom couldn’t kick her smoking so they pushed their debut to June.”

“Before she debuted, Dasom nagged and cursed out the kids that she didn’t like, but when her debut was confirmed, she completely changed her attitude.”

“When she was a high school freshman, she did her eyes and her nose, and she covered her face in preparation for her debut.”

Further evidence against SISTAR included pictures found of member Soyu, who was originally supposed to debut in 4minute, out drinking with her friends back in September 6, 2006. Considering the fact that she was born in 1992, she was 14 at the time, a second-year middle school student.

source: Naver
cr: akp

if this is true, wow.
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