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[Picture] MBLAQ for July issue of Elle Girl!

MBLAQ is currently working on their promotions for their latest song, 'Y', on various music shows and variety shows as well. Despite their busy schedules, these ever-so popular idols made time to participate in the photoshoot for the July issue of Elle Girl.

The MBLAQ boys did not showed any sign of fatigue even though they had to film for a long period of time. The concept for the photoshoot was Summer Dreams, in a set decorated with vintage furniture where the MBLAQ members have turned into 'Dream Boys' where they showed curious moods.

Out of the MBLAQ members, as expected, Lee Joon showed his solid abs in this photoshoot (as he did on the music shows) and the staff said that 'It is definitely Lee Joon', G.O who has shaved his mustache has shown a different feeling than before. Thanks to their height, Thunder and Mir wore stylish clothing and the filming ended.

MBLAQ who is popular for being truthful idols have shown a pretentious side. Leader Seungho especially told that he had a straight character, and Mir was worried about what will happen after his idol career and showed a serious look. Thunder who has never dated before has gotten advice from the MBLAQ members, and G.O showed that he had a lot of affection towards Ballads and dances.

The interview with MBLAQ and the other pictures from this photoshoot will be in the July issue of Elle Girl. Alternatively, you can view this in ELLE atZINE as well.

Credit: Artsnews
Seungeun Lee @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
Reported by: Belinda @
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