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T-Max holds concert for one Japanese fan

4-person male group T-MAX held a concert for one Japanese fan.

T-MAX appeared on music cable channel MNET’s “The Pub,” showing a performance for a single Japanese fan who traveled to Korea for T-Max.

At this stage, T-Max performed the theme song of KBS2TV’s drama Boys Over Flowers, “Paradise,” and “The Words I Can Tell You,” and “Don’t Fool Around” from their official 1st album on the birthday of this Japanese fan.T-Max also gave this fan back hugs, and fed her tteokbokki (korean dish), making special memories with her.

On the other hand “The Pub” is a program where the featured artist has a meeting and a performance for one fan who has a special story with that artist, and it is the first time that a foreign fan has featured.

T-Max’s members Shin Min Chul and Kim Joon were joined by new members Joo Chan Yang and Park Han Bi, making T-Max a 4-person group.

S: sookyeong
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