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YG says "Taeyang's title song will be the most popular of all songs"


One of the biggest domestic music companies, YG entertainment’s de facto head Yang Hyun Suk revealed his strong confidence about Taeyang’s first full album.

Yang Hyun Suk told Money Today’s Star News on 22nd, “Taeyang has put in a lot of effort for his album that is being released on upcoming 7th because it’s his own first full album. Staff know that well, so they’ve given him as much support as they can”

And Yang Hyun Suk is confident, ‘I Need A Girl’, the title song of Taeyang’s first full album, is a song which has a rhythm and beat that will be even more popular compared to ‘Look Only At Me‘ and “Wedding Dress‘ off his mini album and single that has been loved by Taeyang’s fans till now, after releasing Taeyang will have even more fans through this song”

Yang Hyun Suk responds to the reasons for why ‘I Need A Girl’ was decided as the title song, which features G-dragon whom Taeyang has been friends with 10 years, Big Bang’s co-worker.

Yang Hyun Suk gave his response, ‘I Need A Girl’ was born by a rookie pruducer Jun Goon, and was originally not made to be kept as a title song. Some of Taeyang’s fans asks ‘Why should G-dragon take part in Tayeng’s title song for his first full album? But you would understand if you considered it was originally not made with the purpose of being used as the title song.”

Also, he added, “But after ‘I Need A Girl’ was completed, not only Taeyang but also Teddy who has produced Taeyang’s songs for a long time, highly recommeded it as a title song, saying this song is very appealing. “That’s why ‘I Need A Girl finally became the title song, so I hope fans don’t misunderstand.”

Meanwhile, Taeyang is releasing the deluxe edition of his first full album ‘Solar‘ with the title song ‘I Need A Girl’ on July 1st. The deluxe edition puts not only 11 songs in his full album but also ‘Prayer’ and ‘Look Only At Me’ from the last mini album. Also, the normal edition of ‘Solar’ is releasing on July 9th.

Before this, Taeyang plans to pre-reveal songs of his new album, one song a day from 25th to 30th through on-line. Also it is attracting fans’ attentions that 2NE1′s Sandara Park of the same company will appear in the music video of the title song ‘I Need A Girl’.

Source: Star news
Translations: Myokoon @ AlwaysTaeyang

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