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Super Junior to Appear on Music Trip Lalala

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아이돌의 음악과 인디의 음악이 만나는 이런 특별한 자리를 통해
서로 소통할 수 있도록 힘 써주신 "음악여행 라라라" 제작진께 감사드리고요
개인적으로 새별누나 목소리.. 참 좋다^^
리허설부터 방송까지 모든 시간들이 너무 즐거웠어요!
음악여행 라라라 사랑합니다.♥

너무 긴장해서 무슨말을 했는지 어떻게 노래를 했는지 모르겠어요.^^
함께 노래한 새별씨께 감사합니다.
어린 아이가 노래하면서 가슴이 콩닥콩닥 떨리는 느낌으로 음악을 하고 온 것 같아요

음악여행 라라라! 이번이 두번째 출연이었는데 새별누나와 함께 해서
더욱 뜻깊은 자리 였습니다.
좋은 분들과 좋은노래, 좋은 환경에서 노래 할 수 있어서
행복한 시간이었던거 같아요

학창시절에 저도 밴드 생활을 했었는데 이번에 밴드연주에 맞춰 노래를 하다보니
예전의 추억을 떠올릴 수 있어서 너무 좋았고요.
앞으로도 이런 특별한 인연과 무대가 또 있었으면 좋겠습니다.

아이돌 댄스그룹 이전에 가수라는 본연의 마음가짐으로 노래했습니다.
이렇게 장르를 벗어나 좋은 노래로 하나가 되어
함께 무대를 설 수 있어서 행복한 시간이었습니다.

Thanks to the staffs at “Music Trip Lalala” for making it possible for idol music and indie music to communicate together.
Personally Saebyul noona’s voice… is very nice^^
Everything was fun starting with the rehearsal to the filming.
I love you “Music Trip Lalala♥.”

I was so nervous that I don’t remember what I said and sang.^^
Thanks to Saebyul who sang with us.
I felt like a child who was so nervous while singing.

Music Trip Lalala! This was our second appearance.
It was more meaningful as we were with Saebyul noona.
It was happy time being able to be with nice people, good music and atmosphere.

In my teens, I was in a band. Being able to sing with the band music made me think about my old memories which was very nice.
I hope there’s another chance for us to be on a stage like this

I had the mindset of being a singer first and not as a idol dance group when I sang.
It was fun becoming one with good music, leaving genres behind and to stand on the stage together.


Source: Lalala Official Website
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Only K.R.Y + Minnie and Hae performed as guests on the show and was filmed before Kyu had his surgery. Episode will air on June 23rd.
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