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D-NA who has grown up with the tough scent

this was the article title...idk.

With the release of their single album Admiring Boy, 5 members Mika(20), Karam(19), Hyunmin(19) Injoon(18) Jay(16) have debuted on March. Their average age is 18.2 which makes them the youngest male group in korea. With their teenage looks and nice vocals they were in the spotlight. But, with their first mini album Awake, they have been born into new strong masculine males in about 3 months. They have also been changed quite a lot with their choreography, songs and expressions in their eyes.

◆ Korea's top composer volunteered

On 16th, they held their showcase at Apgujeong-dong. Their show case has shown their change a lot. They first started off with the song called New boyz and that was about even though you don't know them first, if you watch their performance, you'll fall into their amazing look. from the drawing, 100 fans who were invited cheered for Dae guk Nam Ah who have changed from boys to males.

Afterwards they sang 'The One', the song which has the theme of stealing the girl you love away from another without any hesitation, and then the dance song with strong elements of synth-pop 'Anybody... Nobody' for their elaborate performances. Lastly, they sang their title song Stumble Stumble. Before the performance, their music video was shown off and in their music video, they were football players who were playing very hard. This has showed that their powerful image of five members.
The song Stumble Stumble is an electronic pop with some of the musical performance of harp made into a unique song.

This song was made by the composer Ahn young min who has also composed kim Yongjoon & Hwang Jungeum's couple, from Infinity Challenge, Junjin & Lee junghyun's Senorita. And Park Geun Tae, Wheesung, Kim Sejin also participated too.

◆ Their fan cafe has exceeded more than forty thousand people.

After their showcase, they had their conference. they said Mika has been practicing all night for months after he received songs. but one day, their choreographer said that he had to change all the choreography, Mika was shocked. But with his passion and his great work, he said that great choreography has been made and he is satisfied with it.

Injoon showed one movement which was rolling foward fast and he said that he named it as a sewing machine dance. He also said changing their style suddenly is too much for them but frequently changing is their job and to go through it a lot. He said they were trying to show teenage boys who is being disobedient.

3 months after their debut, their fan cafe has exceeded to more than forty thousand people and they are growing really fast. Even overseas, they are famous that they have already finished their promotions in China and Japan. Also, Japanese company, Digital adventure volunteered to help Dae Guk Nam Ah out for their activities in Japan. That company also has Bae Yong Joon as well. In Korea, they are going to have a comeback performance on 17th KBS2 Music Bank and start their promoting on their songs.

cr; suno@metroseoul.co.kr (source) [link unavailable] + michKHUN and sera @enchanteDNA.com (translator)

Not surprised Injoon wasn't crazy about the concept lol. But "sewing machine dance" how cute~

Also! I direct you to a brand-new, long-awaited D-NA Pimp Post constructed by trappedintaipei and gwangchul.

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