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After School reveals teaser for Playgirlz School

It's been a long time coming, but After School’s very first reality show is just around the corner, and MBC just aired the first television teaser for this upcoming variety program.

Although the first episode has yet to air, Playgirlz School will reveal exclusive behind-the-scenes footage as the members of After School show viewers life both on- and offstage. With the addictive tune of Benny Benassi's Rock N Rave as the background track, this twenty-second teaser doesn't actually show much content other than eye candy footage from performances of Bang!, but we do get a peek at what's to come. Check it out below!

While Raina, Nana and Lizzy are busy with their Orange Caramel promotions and Kahi gears up for her solo debut, this will be a nice way for fans to see the wonderful eight ladies together again. Make sure to tune into allkpop and MBC for more on this upcoming show!

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