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Suju news for y'all

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super Junior will appear on the first half special of MBC TV "Music Travel Lalala."

Super Junior will confess honestly about their worries of living as an idol group and worries about music on this episode of "Music Travel Lalala."

Super Junior especially revealed that the people's biased thinking of idol stars not having worries about music is sad and that each member is trying to grow musically by choosing songs and participating in creating their album by composing their own song.

Moreover, maknae Kyuhyun discussed idol singers' role saying that if they want to survive long as icons, they would always have to develop themselves and try new things. He made everyone in the studio laugh by saying that because of hoobae singers who are rising from the bottom, Super Junior members have been working out diligently lately.

Also, Donghae revealed that he wants to date and Sungmin wishes to solidify his status as a musical actor.

The first half special of "Music Travel Lalala" which will air on the 23rd at 12:35AM will feature Super Junior, f(x), Guckkasten, Park Saebyul, Jiteun, Jungin, IU. Singers from various genres are expected to have joint stages.

Source: TV Daily
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, revealed that he danced alone at the Han river.

Super Junior’S Choi Siwon, 2PM’s Taecyeon and CN.BLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa was on Kim Seungwoo’s show “WIN WIN”/” 승승장구” which was broadcasted on the 22nd on KBS2TVKBS 2TV. That day, Siwon, Taecyeon and Yonghwa were on the "Let’s quickly ask” corner and recieved the question from the audience "Have you danced or sung to others' songs?”

Choi Siwon said he had a “sad memory ” about this, which made everyone curious. Choi Siwon said “I was riding my bike to go work out, when I met Leeteuk and DongHae. It was raining and a very sad and gloomy day, so I suggested to them lets go to the Han River and I left first with my bike.”

As Siwon said, ” Leeteuk’s car was already there. I began to have a little fun. The song "Again & Again” by 2PM was playing in Leeteuk’s car so I started dancing to it. Then the song changed to Brown Eyed Girl’s “Abracadabra” and so danced by best to it. However, there was no response from Leeteuk. For that moment my temper became impatient, and I went and banged on the passanger side’s window, the moment I banged it, a lady who I didnt even know said, " Should I change the song for you?" in a really frightened voice." Choi Siwon made a sea of laughter with his story for everyone.

On the other hand, Jung Yong Hwa spoke honestly and drew everyone’s attention. He said, "In the past I was a fan of Taeyeon, but now i like Seohyun my “wife” whom I meet more often better.”

Article credits to : Review Star
Article found by: stalker93 @ sapphirepearls.com
Translated by : teukiebiased @ sapphirepearls.com
Reup/Shared: teukiebiased @ sapphirepearls.com
Take out with full credits

The story behind Choi Siwon’s trademark pose

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’ aired on June 22nd, Siwon was asked “What is your three fingers trademark gesture all about?” Siwon answered “It was before Super Junior debuted, when I went to Hong Kong to film and promote for a movie. We had to pose for the reporters to take photos when we introduce ourselves. But because I was young I felt very pressured and didn’t have that much confidence, so when I raise my hands to greet them my ring finger and pinky just didn’t come up properly.”

Siwon also said “When Leeteuk hyung saw that gesture, he made a big deal out of it by saying that it looks like a chicken’s feet and named it ‘chicken feet greeting’” this draws a lot of laughter from everyone.

“After that all of the members had fun teasing me about this… especially when fans give good responses. So now when I greet, I just use three fingers” He added while laughing.

He was also asked “I heard that when you throw your clothes into the basket you like to act like you are shooting basketball… Is that true?” “That is true,” He answered, laughing.

Along with Siwon of Super Junior, Jung Yong Hwa and Taecyeon (2pm) also appeared in this episode of ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’

credits: KBS2TV’s ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’
translated by: chibihime @ sapphirepearls.com
take out with full credits.

I can't wait for their new single to drop and the new repackaged album. So excited to check out the songs composed by Teuk, Henry, Hae, and Hyukkie.
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