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"Demo" Artists Speak Out About Lee Hyori's Plagiarism Case

Though M.Net Media has responded to Lee Hyori’s plagiarism case, it seems as though this issue has not been resolved yet.

Several artists and/or their representatives have spoken out and claimed that they own the original songs. They have not sold the rights to their song and probably have never heard about Bahnus before this case.

Georgia Murray - We'll Never Know

Mikis Theodorakis - The Train Leaves at 8

Lee Hyori - Swing

According to M.Net Media, Hyori’s “Swing” is a sample from a folk song that had an unknown artist. The song was said to be passed down orally.

This case itself is still a new development. “Swing” was said to be a cover of “The Train Leaves at 8″ by Mikis Theodorakis. But the arrangement for Hyori’s “Swing” is similar to that of Georgia Murray’s “We’ll Never Know.”

Georgia Murray, a Canadian artist, revealed through Twitter that Hyori’s lawyers have contacted her this week. She has just discovered that her song “We’ll Never Know” has been plagiarized.

“I think the lawyers have discovered the producer is a fraud and they’re trying to find the real writers,” she said.

Cookie Couture – Bring it Back

Lee Hyori - Bring it Back

Cookie Couture has stated that they have never worked with Bahnus.

“Bring it Back” is produced by Chuck&Joe and composed by Fonz of “Dramatic Trax Productions”

One of the members, Jay, have posted two statements on her myspace.

May 5, 2010

I know everyone’s been talking about this so I’m just going to give my point of view so its off my chest.

POINT BLANK- We, Cookie Couture, write all our music. We did not negotiate ANYTHING with Hyori or anyone in her camp, let alone anyone else in the world.

I don’t appreciate the fact that some of her fans are so blinded that they can’t see the truth even if it slapped them in the face. (which it is in the video above!) And STILL I’m getting hate mail. We did not ASK FOR THIS…. although its flattering that she loves our song this much! LOL!

Just put yourself in my shoes! Say if you worked really hard on your year end project thats worth %100 of your mark and someone you’ve never heard of before, copies it and submits it and gets a perfect score and YOU get NOTHING.

SO PLEASE, stop with the hate mail and the negative comments. Open up your eyes and take in the truth. ANd if your having a hard time dealing with it, don’t hate or send hateful messages because we are not psychiatrist. I can’t help you, you need an anger management therapist! And regards to Hyori/mnet/ her camp- DON’T FORGET, We’re HUMAN! Everyone makes mistakes, but your the bigger person if you OWN UP to your errors and learn from them!!!! (HINT HINT!!!!!)

May 11, 2010

This blog is posted without bias or discrimination. I would just like to inform you that our lawyers have tried contacting MNET/Lee Hyori’s Camp and they have chosen to ignore the emails and letters. Instead, they released a false statement to the press regarding Bahnus using Cookie Couture as “guide singers” when in fact they were the original creators. Therefore, we will begin the process of flagging down any and all content illegally used due to universal copyright infringement laws regarding Cookie Couture’s song “Bring it Back” by Lee Hyori/MNET. If MNET/Lee Hyori decides to maturely respond to this matter involving Cookie Couture’s song, “Bring it Back”, please have them contact cookiecouturemusic@gmail.com .. and we’ll verify then forward any or all information to our lawyers.

Again, this letter is not a threat, this is sent without bias or discrimination. It is just a tip to the public that we are not a joke and we are following through with the needed steps to protect our intellectual property.

Lee Hyori’s “Bring it Back” is no longer sold on iTunes.

The girls have flagged several YouTube mp3 videos of Lee Hyori’s “Bring it Back” for a copyright claim.

Jason Derulo (Ft. Auburn) – How Did We Get

Lee Hyori (ft. Daesung) – How Did We Get

Though Bahnus claims to have own the demo for “How Did We Get,” the composition and lyrics are similar to that of Jason Derulo and Auburn’s version of “How Do We Get” and not that of the composers for “No More I Love You’s” that are credited for in the album.

“No More I Love You’s” was originally by The Lover Speaks, which was covered by Annie Lennox.

Jason Derulo and Auburn’s version of “How Do We Get” was leaked and not intended to be released.

In a YouTube comment, Auburn revealed that she and Jason Derulo co-wrote “How Do We Get” and sung it the same night. The song was made for fun.

Though, they do not legally own the instrumental, the lyrics and composition are their own and they plan to take action, according to Auburn’s Twitter response.

Melanie Durrant - Feel The Same

Lee Hyori - Feel The Same

“‘Feel the Same’ has never been for sale as a demo. I’ve never been asked if someone else could sing my song,” Melanie stated in a YouTube comment.

She also claims to have wrote the song and it does belong to her.

The singer has flagged several videos of Hyori’s version for a copyright claim.

Second Person - The Alphabet Song

Lee Hyori - Memory

Second Person released an official statement on their MySpace regarding their song, “The Alphabet Song.”

On 11th April 2010 we were emailed by a fan asking if we’d sold the rights to our song “The Alphabet Song” to the biggest South Korean artist: Lee Hyori for her song “Memory”.

We have been advised by our legal team not to comment on this matter until it is fully settled but what we can say is that Second Person did write “The Alphabet Song” and no permission was sort by either the artist, her writer(s) or her record company.

We are very much looking forward to the release of our third studio album and hope this matter can be resolved quickly so we can get on with setting release dates.

Lil Precious – So Insane

Lee Hyori – I’m Back

On Lil Precious’ Facebook, she updated her status with “You [know you're] good at what you do, when you start getting copied but to what extent?”

A representative of Lil Precious’ management team said she had no idea her song had been stolen. Lil Precious wrote the song, “So Insane” herself.

Another possible representative of Lil Precious posted a comment on YouTube saying, “I can assure everyone we never sold the right to any of Lil Precious’ song to anyone. We will be taking the appropriate steps to make this right.”

From our poll, 32% of the visitors believed that Bahnus was at fault for plagiarizing and from the overwhelming responses from these artists, there are definitely some things that needs explaining.

Lee Hyori will not be releasing a repackaged album. The artist is currently participating in World Cup events.

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Source: OMGKPOP, June 19, 2010

Big thanks to honeyhiyo for posting this on my behalf. I (savile_row) would've posted this myself but membership to Omona is currently closed and I wanted to make sure that the other side of the issue is heard and that the artists are identified and their experiences shared because, so far, everything has been about Hyori and Mnet.

To get the latest updates regarding this issue, including first-hand information gathered from the artists' themselves, and to also see how everything developed from the beginning and how it contrasts with what Mnet is saying how things happened, please visit the dedicated thread at the AllKPop forums.
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