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[INTERVIEW] MBLAQ “Having hair, having abs, and being cute is part of being a group” Part 3

Q. You recently had a fan signing event. Do you have a fan that you remember in particular?
There are a couple of people who come to the fan signing events all the time, but even though we've seen them numerous times, I'm so thankful that they valuably cherish each and every one of our signatures.
Lee Joon: There are sites that insults us. They're actually our fans, but they insult us. (laugh) If we do well, they criticize, and if we do badly, they insult us even more. So, they get fun out of it. Those people came to the signing event, and mentioned which site they came from. I saw their faces, but they looked like they would never say an insult with their exemplary images. So, those people remained in my memory.
Seungho: When I visited the website, there was one fan who either really liked me or liked the fact that I had my hair up. So, when I changed my hairstyle, she first insulted the stylist, and then left a note saying, "Yang Seungho, come back." (laugh)

"The electronic you want is now only the Mac Pro."

Q. I think Seungho is attentive to the reactions of fans. Didn't you even respond to a fan who asked you how to use a printer on Twitter? (laugh)
I usually don't respond to the fans because there are so many similar questions and many UFO text messages. But, I felt like I just had to respond to this question.

Q. In the beginning, you were known as the 'After Service Idol'. (laugh) People think that you would of became an engineer if you didn't become a singer.
Yes. I usually have a high interest in machines. Long ago, I broke open a computer and was kicked out of my house because computers were expensive then. As I got older, I learned to endure everything, but not the when I'm deciding which machine to buy.

Q. On TV, your piano-playing image was unexpected. Since when have you been playing?
I look like someone who wouldn't play the piano (laugh), but I played the piano for ten years now. Because I'm not performing at the moment, I was going to show you guys again once I restarted playing, but because I didn't practice properly before I showed [my skills] on TV, I was embarrassed. After that performance, I started to learn how to play the piano again.

Q. What is the machine that you are interested in right now?
Ah, I already bought them all. Right now, if I just had the Mac Pro? (laugh)

Q. I thought you said that you didn't want an iPhone last year.
Right now, I have both the iPhone and the Blackberry. (laugh)

Q. Because you love machines so much, do you give electronics as gifts too? (laugh) After gifting a game console for Lee Joon, I heard you told him to play with it for an hour each day.
Seungho: I didn't buy him it, but I just gave it to him [from someone else]. Because I love electronics, I had so many, and Joon looked like he wanted it. So, I just gave him one.

Q. Does he still make you play it an hour each night?
Lee Joon: No, I can't do it. Because of that, I have many feuds.
Seungho: That's why I reduced it to 30 minutes.
Lee Joon: I'm not sure if it was yesterday or the day before, but I wanted to play games with a truly mad expression (laugh). So, until I fell asleep first, (Seungho) didn't sleep.
Seungho: I usually sleep early, but I can't sleep because I have to make sure that he's playing games. (laugh) It doesn't matter which game he plays, but he has to play games no matter what.

Q. Joon, do you know that your fans nicknamed you 'human beagle'?
Lee Joon:

Q. Beagles are full of energy and are hyperactive animals. (laugh) They named you that because when you're on TV, you reduce the kill the mood.
Lee Joon:
Huh? I don't have that kind of image. I'm very quiet.
Everyone: ?..
Seungho: I just want to say one thing. Nowadays, even though the maid doesn't come to our house, our house is already organized. It's because of me. When we arrive home, I take all the electronics and clothes and lays everything on my bed. But, as soon as you [Joon] come home, you're the one who wipes everything off the bed!
Lee Joon: No, I'm hearing this for the first time.
Seungho: But, because Joon gets lonely easily, he says that he feels lonely when his room is clean. You said that as long as there's no blank space, you feel full.
Thunder: It seems like you're telling the story of a puppy.

Q. It seems like Lee Joon is bringing the disaster to the house.
Lee Joon:
All I would like to say is that while living the dorm life, I think about letting go of myself. So, that's why I hate it when I clean.
Thunder: You shouldn't hate!
Lee Joon: Even when I'm organizing, [I think] "Just throw away your heart. Just endure it and live a dorm life." Even though I hate being unorganized, I am enduring it [holding back from expressing it]. (laugh)
Seungho: But, what's really interesting is that he was like that even in our trainee days, and when I went to Joon's house to sleep over, his drawer was even organized. But, why are you like this now?
G.O.: His mother does all that.
Lee Joon: I do it too! But, in the dorm, I already decided to let go of everything?
Seungho: I guess I'm going to have to draw the line on the floor.
G.O.: Normally, exercising machines are supposed to be put aside from where people walk. But, this friend [Joon] hid a dumbbell under a towel and there was a time when I kicked one as I was walking. After exercising, if you lay your sweaty towel on top of a dumbbell, you won't be able to see it!
Mir: Me too. I picked up the towel and it was so heavy.
Thunder: There was a time when I bumped myself into a bench press.

"It seems like not all 5 boys can look loveable all at once."

Q. I heard that the members just rest on their own at home?
I just sleep.
Lee Joon: Because we love to do personal activities?
G.O.: Even though we're separate, we try to be more separate [from each other], (laugh) by just going inside different rooms.
Seungho: Right. In one room, someone is using the computer and in the other room, someone is on the phone.
G.O.: Because this friend (Lee Joon) lays his laundry all around his bed, it looks like a screen is blocking himself in a hospital room.

Q. When Thunder sees these kinds of hyungs, what kind of thoughts arise? Isn't it hard to communicate with them?
In a foreign country without 'hyung', 'noona', or 'sunbae', everyone hung out like friends, but in Korea, it's not like that. Even if it's a hyung who is just an year older than me, it was hard to act respectfully. But, as we (MBLAQ) hung out, that became meaningless to us. So, I went back to my foreign life. (laugh)

Q.This is a team that has fun together, but do you have any programs that you want to do together?
Instead of which programs we want to do together, as long as we make the watchers happy, that's good. Because there are many times when we are together, we have a lot of meeting before we leave. Nowadays, we're regulars for , but as long as we follow what the guests are doing or do something even funnier, people have fun watching us. So, as we look at the script, we piece plans together like "Mir, roll here and I'll jump over you."
Mir: Truthfully, we do so many things on . This is how we survive.

Q. Mir's entertaining skills were great in the past too, right? (laugh) Normal guys usually upload their past pictures, and Mir said that he would upload his past pictures himself.
Mir: The reason why I did that in the beginning was because when we finished out 1st album, I was the only one not uploading those kinds of pictures. The other hyungs uploaded a lot of their past pictures too, but I was the only one that wasn't! I have a lot of pictures too, so I uploaded just one just in case I couldn't find others and the reactions were good. So, when I uploaded one, it was fun.
MBLAQ: Finally, a correct [picture] was uploaded. (laugh)
Mir: I properly suffered it! Because fans said "He must like his past pictures," so they uploaded a more stronger picture of me. (laugh)
MBLAQ: euhahahaha
Mir: After that, I'm not uploading any past pictures. (laugh)

Q. When you're active in entertainment, I think you can sing with a more brighter image. How about you sing us a song with a cute and loveable image!
We did that once and was scarred.

Q. You're referring to 'Good Luv', right?
Lee Joon:
That was a complete disaster.
MBLAQ: euhahahaha
G.O.: To tell you the truth, it seems like not all 5 boys can look loveable all at once.
Thunder: Right?. Unless you're 15-17?
Seungho: Unless it?s a bright song, but being cute is too much for us.
G.O.: We already have hair and everything!
Lee Joon: And we have abs like this!
Mir: But, 'Good Luv' is a song we miss.

Q. I think Thunder and Mir would be able to pull it off.
I also thought that I would be able to do it, but when I actually did it, I received a lot of criticism?
G.O.: You did well. But, the maknae did best. I had to do it with a moustache?

Q. Does G.O. like having his moustache shaven off?
G.O.: Yes. First, you scouldn't tell whether there have been any transformations on me because of my moustache. I think its nice now.

Q. I heard people saw your mustache even in optical images. (laugh)
Yes, and I had a stain? I'm shaving it off twice a day. (laugh)

"Once we make it big, I'm going to sleep all I want!"

Q. From the wardrobe to the concept, what pleased you the most? The fact that the 'Y' music video had overly sparkly clothes became a topic of conversation. (laugh)
We liked everything. Only in some circumstances like 'Y', when the music video came out, we knew that there were many opinions regarding it. We had two backgrounds for the music video. For the black background, even if we wore those clothes, we thought it would be okay because the singing and the dancing were strong. So, we were trying to lessen the vibe with our clothes, but when we danced with the fluorescent clothes behind the I WUUUUV PONIES!e background? that's what happened. (laugh) Later, I'm not sure how I'm going to tell my son this. "Your dad was like that." (laugh)
Mir: When we were doing it, we didn't know. But, once we saw it, we were surprised.

Q. But 'Y' still ranked 1st place. What was Rain's reaction when you got 1st place?
Lee Joon: [To Rain] Do you like it? (laugh)

Q. Chic-dol's chic maker of a chic group. (laugh) What kind of influence do you think Rain is giving to the members?
Seungho: Without us knowing, we are receiving a lot of influence. First, all 5 of us respect him, and particularly me, I didn't have the intention of becoming a singer. After being a student, I suddenly wanted to choose a singing career really late, so I went into J.Tune when I was 22. So, this will be my first and last company. Rain was also the only man that I felt was cool. When I ended up practicing in the practice room, while I watched what Jihoon [Rain] hyung was doing, there were times when I wondered how he did that. Then, I just start following him.
Mir: When I look at Jihoon hyung, I want to become a producer just like him. But, I think my concept will be different from Jihoon hyung's concept. Instead of setting up a company, I want to try helping to manage a company.

Q. What were the most memorable words that Rain has said to you?
G.O.: I remember these words the most. "Hyung can help you guys buy a nice house and a nice car. But, you guys must make that possible. This is probably the only job in the world that comes with both wealth and glory while being something that you can truly enjoy. But, if this isn't enough to make you guys work hard, you guys are dummies."
Lee Joon: "Sleep after you die."

Q. Haha. That's scary.
Lee Joon: This may sound funny at first, but if you really think about it, it is inspiring. When we feel like dying because we're so tired from out busy schedule, we think about the words "Sleep after you die", and it allows us to endure.
Mir: Usually, a person sleeps 20-30 years of the average 80 years they live.
G.O.: That's why nowadays, I tell myself that I'm dying before I go to sleep. Haha. Once we make it big, I'm going to sleep all I want!
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