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Kim Hyun Joong's Charitable Act in the Philippines

Kim Hyun Joong personally participated in charity
Donate and participate in charity event during his trip to Philippines

17-20 June, during his trip to Manila, Philippines, other than participated in the Philippines Fan Meet & Greet Event on the 18th and also the charity concert on the 19th night, Kim Hyun Joong actually has an important schedule, that is to go to the charity organization 'Abriertas House of Friendship' to receive the plaque of appreciation for his 1 million peso (US$22,069) donation which he donated to the organization and also to visit the children in the school.

At the beginning of this year, Kim Hyun Joong has already made a visit to the organization to understand the actual situation, when he saw the condition of the school and the children, he immediately decided to sponsor 1 million peso and the amount was transferred on mid of May. The organization immediately used the donation for building the secondary school building, also, the organization will name the school building after 'Kim Hyun Joong'. In addition to this, Kim Hyun Joong has decided to join the charity concert on the 19 June, hoping to expand the influence, so that more people will give more concern and help to these under-privilege group of mothers and children.

Other information about the school condition and also their love and thankfulness towards Kim Hyun Joong, and also Kim Hyun Joong's activity during the day, it will be recorded in my fan account. Please anticipate.

Just a record of what was written on the plaque:
Abiertas House of Friendship award this Plaque of Appreciation to Mr. Kim Hyun Joong for his unending support to our institution - A healing center for single mothers, sexually abused girls and indigent senior citizens - where broken lives find wholeness of spirit, integrity and respect and enables women and their families to become contributing members of society.

Given this 19th day of June 2010 at Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City.


Note: The 'Araneta Coliseum' is the name of the charity concert venue, originally the plaque was supposed to be presented to Kim Hyun Joong during the concert, but Kim Hyun Joong has rejected the invite as his intention was to help them. Therefore, this plaque of appreciation was received in the small meeting room in the organization.

Source: Planet Hyun
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