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Kangta to hold concert in Beijing on 24th July

It looks like Kangta is set to follow his old ex-H.O.T friend Woohyuk into Beijing, following his example and getting ready to hold a concert there on the 24th July 2010. He will be singing in the same stadium that Woohyuk held his concert in back in May, and according to rumours there are apparently going to a few guests appearing alongside him, although nothing has officially been declared by SM Entertainment just yet.

This morning, Kangta arrived in Beijing to attend a press conference regarding the upcoming event. Although there's not too much information on the press conference itself just yet, a few airport and conference pictures are already available.

Written by: Myself
Information: hsy729 at DTH forums 1 & 2
Pictures: hsy729 at DTH forums

Gawd I wish I could go ;_;
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