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Tory Burch's Grand Opening

Members of F(x), Lee Shi-young, Lee Jung-eun, Miss A and many others attended the event. The stars came out for the opening of the Tory Burch Flagship Store in Seoul, on June 23rd. Tory Burch is a successful American fashion designer. Her fashion label was even endorsed by popular American talk show host Oprah Winfrey. Here are photos of a few of the stars that came out for the opening:

Krystal and Sulli

Jessica and Krystal

Lee Jung-eun

Lee Shi-Young

Of course, the designer Tory Burch

and upcoming JYPE group, Miss A

source: popseoul

I really hate the way popseoul writes their articles. I always correct shit, but never want to change too much. :|
Tags: f(x), fashion, jessica, miss a

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