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In which some k-netizens are yet again ~offended~

Yesung’s T-Shirt Sparks Controversy

In support for the game of Korea against Nigeria last Wednesday – June 23rd, Super Junior attended the event ‘Supporting Korea Gala-Shouts of Victory’ and as we all know, South Korea has qualified for the round 16 at the World Cup.

But sadly, with the joy of each single person who supports the team, comes an unusual controversy about Yesung’s t-shirt (shown above).

During the event, red devil goodies were all over the stage and yet, eagle-eyed netizens have caught a printed ripped Korean flag wrapped around the sleeves of Yesung’s shirt causing criticisms amongst citizens.

SM Entertainment has issued a statement regarding the shirt saying that “the Korean flag Yesung was wearing was the shape of the flag printed on his shirt.” The shirt wasn’t causing any damage to the national flag.

Regardless of what the media or the netizens are trying to do, some are saying that he violated the national law, while others says it was plain artwork and Yesung has nothing to about it.

You be the judge, what are your thoughts on it?

Source: sisaseoul.com
Translation: jubee @SJ-World.net
via: kpoplive

I think he tweeted about this but it seems he deleted them. I can't find any translations either. *shrugs*
Tags: super junior, yesung

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