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Hanteo’s Top Albums sales for first half of 2010

The boy groups were very popular this year as boy groups take 6 slots out of Hanteo’s top 10 album sales for the first half of 2010.

The top half is dominated by SM Entertainment as the top 4 spots are occupied by both Super Junior and SNSD / Girls’ Generation. Super Junior’s Bonamana came in at #1 by selling 119,167 units. SNSD took the next two spots with Oh! moving 117,633 units and SNSD’s 2nd repackage album moving 48,827 units. Super Junior’s 4th repackage album came in at 4th moving 45,733 units.

JYP Entertainment’s 2AM and 2PM took the 5th (2AM – Can’t Send You Even If I Die – 34,474 units) and 7th spots (2PM – Don’t Stop Can’t Stop – 29,381 units).

Rain was the only solo artist on the list as he came in at 6th with Back to the Basic by moving 33,764 units. While the boys of BEAST impressed by coming in at 8th and moving 24,236 units for Shock of the New Era.

DSP Entertainment’s Kara
and SS501 rounded out the last two spots of the top 10 with Kara moving 23,276 units (9th) for Lupin and SS501 moving 19,790 units (10th) for Destination.

With Big Bang and 2NE1 potential comebacks, along with K-pop stalwarts Se7en and BoA, it’ll be very interesting to take a look at the list once again at the end of the year.

S: allkpop

2AM :D !! .. 2PM :( 
but honestly, these numbers are pretty sad.. strong>
+ the picture is irrelevant to this article. i merely typed 'korean groups' on google and chose this. 
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