Nothing gold can stay. (prdarkstar) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Nothing gold can stay.

[Star Diary, Part 8] "Cheating while dating, definitely NO!"

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I’ve never cheated when I had a girlfriend. I think it’s a question of loyalty. But because I have a rather free personality, there aren’t many girls who can take that. I like a girl who can sensibly guide me… I never wanted to get married but recently I’ve been changing my mind. I want to get married when I’m around 40 after doing my work for a long time.

I don’t want to share any details about my past dating experience. I think that’s the polite thing to do for my future girl. Of course if I get dumped, I do write about it in lyrics. It’s because I’ve always written lyrics that way. But I don’t think I’m the type to get deeply hurt from being in love.

I don’t have time to be sad or lonely. I’m so busy. Of course after busily working I often space out when I get back to the dorm. Truthfully it’s not easy living as a celebrity.

One day I’m thrown onto a movie set and the next I’m in the spotlight on stage. It gets disorienting, and physically and mentally draining. Sometimes the boss will come to my room and offer me guidance. He’s been through the celebrity lifestyle, so he knows exactly what to say at each situation. He sees things that even I don’t see and helps me have a broader perspective. He stays by my side as more of a big brother than as a boss. I’m very grateful to him.

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