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TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’ #1 on real time music charts after release

TaeYang’s first full length album goes up to the #1 spot on realtime music chart as soon as it is revealed.

According to music site Monkey3, the title song ‘I Need A Girl’ off the album went up to the #1 spot on their real time chart as soon as it was revealed on 1st July.

Other songs off the album like ‘Break down’, ‘Just a feeling’, ‘You’re my, ‘After You Sleep’ are also very well received by music fans, up on the top 10 rankings on realtime music charts

The title song ‘I Need A Girl’ also features Big Bang member GDragon. The Monkey 3 team contents team leader commented, “We see that the popularity for ‘I Need A Girl’ is going to surpass ‘Just Look At Me’. At the same time, other than the title song, other songs on the album is also going up our charts fast. For the first half of this year, there was no singer who stayed at the #1 on the chart for more 3 weeks. All eyes are on whether TaeYang will be able to break the record.”

source: kbites
Tags: taeyang

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