8:22 pm - 07/02/2010

The Plot to Send Justin Bieber to North Korea

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Justin Bieber's fans are having a vote contest to see what countries he should tour. In second place and gaining momentum: North Korea. Obviously, this is the work of web-prank powerhouse 4chan, which also originated the Bieber's recent syphilis rumor.

4chan borderline homoerotic obsession with the tween wunderkind takes a delightfully geopolitical twist this week: Since last night, North Korea has been surging to the top of the Justin Bieber My World Tour Contest, resting currently at second place, behind Israel, where they like him in earnest, it seems. Since North Koreans don't have access to the internet (or Justin Bieber or, um, food) all of North Korea's current 197,473 votes are probably the work of 4chan, where users have been rallying votes with messages like this

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Here's the rationale for why they're doing it, and instructions on how to stuff the ballot.

It doesn't mean Justin will go there. (He isn't running the poll and has made no promise.) But wouldn't it be funny if...

source: gawker
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shanny_w 2nd-Jul-2010 07:32 pm (UTC)
He would become one of his favorite concubines.
taeminho_onkey 9th-Aug-2010 12:03 am (UTC)
ikr? xD
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