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From Taeyang to TOP, Big Bang members ‘Invincible Solos,’ why?


Even Taeyang took over the first place spot.

Taeyang rose to the number one spot on July 1st with his first solo album release on Hanteo’s daily charts, a site that monitors album sales. Also on the morning of the 2nd, he is currently taking first place with his title song ‘I Need a Girl’ in Mnet Media’s daily real time charts, and is going strong in the music section as well. And so the idol group Big Bang’s members are once again continuing on with what’s been called the ‘invincible solos.’

In the beginning, there was Taeyang. Taeyang was the first to release a mini-album in May of 2008, and his title song ‘Only Look at Me’ rose to the top of all record and song charts.

The baton was then passed on to youngest member Seungri that same year. Seungri released his first solo record at the end of 2008 with the title song ‘Strong Baby,’ and captured first place on music programs.

At the end of January last year, Daesung had a surprise-release of trot song ‘Big Hit’ written by fellow member G-Dragon, and was a hit on the record market.

Leader G-Dragon released his first solo album last August and with his title song ‘Heartbreaker’ earning explosive popularity, enjoyed having the number one selling album of the year 2009.

This year, before the release of Taeyang’s first solo album, TOP released his solo song ‘Turn It Up’ as a digital single and took over first place in the music charts.

And so the five members of Big Bang, who debuted in the summer of 2006, would rise to the top whenever they put out a solo song within the past two years.

Regarding this, YGEntertainment’s president Yang Hyun Suk said, “Whenever the members of Big Bang put out a solo song, they tend to release a song that reflects their personal styles instead of the style of the group Big Bang,” and went on to reveal, “Of course when it comes down to the important decision of choosing what songs will go into the solo album, the members do that together.”

He continued to say, “The biggest reason that the Big Bang members receive so much love whenever they have solo activities is that you can hear a style and charm different from Big Bang through the solo songs,” and added that, “Whenever one member puts out a solo album, the other members of Big Bang offers him lots of good advice, and in the future you’ll be able to see the members’ diversity through their respective solo albums.”


Source: Bestiz
Translated by & Credit: seungie

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