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This is a BoA post

BoA almost ready for her Korean comeback

BoA will finally be making her long awaited return to the motherland Korea as her new album is in it’s final stages. Her last album release in Korea was five years ago when she released her 5th album, Girls On Top, so everyone’s excited about her return.

SM Entertainment received tracks for BoA’s new album from top composers around the world, including European group DSIGN MUSIC, who composed SNSD’s Tell me your wish (Genie), Run Devil Run, as well as J-POP star Amuro Namie’s Past Future.

In addition there’s word that BoA’s new choreographer for this comeback will be Tessandra Chavez. Tessandra is a famous choreographer best known for her work on the hit FOX show So You Think You can Dance. Because Tessandra can’t be in Korea due to scheduling conflicts, her assistant Kevin Frey will teach Tessandra’s choreography to BoA.

BoA’s new album will be released in August and one of the producers of the album stated, “This album is more refined than any other before, it will be very trendy and fresh.”


Also according to a rough translation of this article:

Besides Dsign Music, who has also made music for Cascada as well as the aforementioned artists, Hitchhiker (Jinu), who wrote BEG’s Abracadabra, also worked on BoA’s 6th Korean album soon to be released in August. Her comeback track isn't decided as of yet, although the choreography is pretty much set.


Kevin Frey is also a friend of Rino Nakasone, and has tweeted about working with BoA recently:

Lunchtime, I requested mcdonalds, believe it's different here haha

That's BoA on the right as of July 1st, it seems she's blonde. ^

source: akp + @KevinFrey + SPN + BoA soompi thread
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