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Sidus HQ to Speak Up About Jay Park's Private Life Issues

Sidus HQ recently sat down with Newsway to clear up rumors about the most mysterious idol of them all, Jay Park. Throughout this interview, they attempted to clear up rumors regarding Jay’s upcoming album release and the personal life problem that his ex-entertainment company, JYP Entertainment, had spoken of several months ago when he left the company. The conversation was released in hopes that it would relieve the fans of many concerned fans; below is a summary of said conversation.

Newsway first asked if it was true that “Jaebum will be releasing his first solo album on the 13th,” to which Sidus HQ replied with, “Yes, it is true. However, the contract has not been finalized yet so we cannot give a confirmation regarding that.” This eliminated any and all rumors questioning the release of such an album.

The conversation then shifted to a much bigger concern that fans have shared amongst each other, being the “private life rumor” that was said to be Jay’s reason for leaving JYPE. Newsway took note of this, and voiced the opinions of those who wonder why a Korean company would still choose to affiliate Jay, as it’d be a very risky business move. In response to the question, “due to JYPE announcing a ‘severe life problem’ about Jaebum, the issue became bigger and a lot of rumors are following him around. In such a situation, it is only natural that news of Jaebum contracting with Sidus HQ as big of an issue as it is now. What do you think of this?,’ Sidus HQ answered, “We know that Jaebum became a big issue because of such problems. However, Sidus HQ is not contracting with him in order to attract attention. We came in contact because we recognized his skills and qualifications.”

The representative for Sidus HQ then took it a step further, and made the following promise: “Once the contract is finalized, we believe that we must tell the truth regarding [Jay’s private life issue.] However it is a rather embarrassing issue to Jaebum himself, so… Regardless, once the contract is finalized, I think that the company will step forward and clarify it from [its] point of view.”

Any predictions as to what Sidus HQ will be revealing?

Source: newsway + kpoplive
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