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Omona - it's a YG secret!

Guess who dropped by at a TaeYang international fansite to drop some love (& juicy news)?

One of YG's choreographers, Qui, of Kanauru Productions, stopped by & posted a message on the fansite.

Dude… dara is hot and sexy with her movement in this video -_-;……
I think she did damn goood because i saw her practice with young bae and shaun evaristo to prepare for it but considering she learned it in a short period of time where she practiced the dance for like a few hours for two days, all the while learning her new dance with 2ne1, which I have to say is freaking awesome and Mari Martin choreographed it. I think she was uber tired after practice but I got to eat korean bbq with her and Se7en =D

I was in the room when YG took down the music video the day it premiered and I was like why?! in my head…all teddy said was he didn’t like the shots and what nots and not enough dancing, I was also in the room with the director who shot this music video and he was talking to YG but i didn’t understand korean ahaha.
but I don’t know… i like it.

True, or false, only time would tell.

click, click for more!

Meanwhile, here's a video of the said choreographer, Mari Martin. If this is anything close to what she's doing for 2NE1's comeback - it's going to be sick!

Source(s): AlwaysTaeYang / Kanauru Prod. / supermariel @YT

& let the speculations, spazzings et cetera begin!

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