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[TRANS] Big Bang's FRAU Magazine Interview

1. What was your childhood dream and wanted job?
[TOP] I wanted to be a great gentleman. Rather than having the appearance of a cool person I wanted to be an elegant man.
[GD] Singer.
[SOL] I had various dreams. When you're a child, you wish to try a lot. One is being a pianist.
[VI] Because I liked dancing I wanted to be a choreographer.
[DS] (because of his reverend) At first I thought I wanted to be a pastor, then a baseball player, and then a bodyguard.

2. A childhood nickname?
[TOP] Dinosaur.
[GD] Hammer. (pretends to use his head to hammer nails)
[SOL] Hedgehog! Because of my pointed hairstyle
[VI] Panda. Under my eyes there’s a dark area. (^^)
[DL] 강대포 (Kang Dae Po) Gun. there was a risk of it being my real name.

3. If there was a one month vacation given..?
[TOP] I would travel somewhere alone. To a secret destination (laughs)
[GD] I want to stay alone, with nobody. Somewhere where nobody knows where to look.
[SOL] (Trying to imagine) Travel in Okinawa!
[VI] Will not rest, just work. (^^) If somehow I have to rest no matter what? Well…..I would drive by myself though.
[DS] In Shibuya I would play futsal, everyday just futsal.

4. The most expensive thing you have bought recently, within a month?
[TOP] Louboutin shoes. I bought both the shoes and sneakers.
[GD] Louboutin sneakers.
[SOL] Givenchy jacket. Really expensive. I waited for a year until it was 70% off. I was lucky that it was still available. (Laughs)
[VI] I bought an Yves Saint Laurent jacket.
[DS] -

5. When thinking of Japanese celebrities who’s the first person you can think of?
[TOP] (in Japanese) Pikachu!
[GD] Namie Amuro
[SOL] --
[VI] Namie Amuro (Japanese singer)
[DS] Kimura Takuya

6. If for one day you would guide a Japanese women in Seoul [where would you take her]..?
[TOP] A quiet wine bar in Southern Cheongdam. Speaking of that Daikanyama in Tokyo is similar.
[GD] I would take her to a delicious restaurant in South Korea, Samcheong Dong. Then a drive around Seoul seeing attractions.
[SOL] Samcheong-dong. Go to the park near the mountain, listen to traditional Korean music and go to a restaurant.
[VI] The Han River cruise! Around the park where the scenery is beautiful.
[DS] Korean sauna, where you can have meals, and body scrubs. Where even being there all day long I don’t get tired!

7. Your favorite word?
[TOP] -
[GD] (in Japanese) nanttonaku (somewhat)
[VI] (in Japanese) beautiful
[DS] (in Japanese) ppittari! (perfect!)

8. A person you respect?
[TOP] My Grandfather who was a writer. I like writing and I realize that it’s because of my grandfather’s influence on me.
[GD] Father.
[SOL] Michael Jackson
[VI] Father.
[DS] My parents, because of their generous love.

9. From the members “I’m the most excellent at this”?
[TOP] Stupid/foolish ideas and thoughts.
[GD] Sensitivity.
[SOL] Being strong-willed
[VI] The dark area under my eyes.
[DS] Rock paper scissors!

10. A drink that you frequently drink?
[TOP] Red wine.
[GD] Milk.
[SOL] Iced tea
[VI] Cider.
[DS] -

11. What is Big Bang to you?
[TOP] It’s like living with the biggest passion that is allowed to exist. Family.
[GD] A name. It’s not my name, but wherever I go I’m called Big Bang. For that reason I think I cannot do any shameful actions.
[SOL] It's hard. A home, I guess.
[VI] The Joker card, the card up one’s sleeve. If you have it you’re assured/relieved, and also people use it to win?
[DS] Home. Big Bang is my home.

Translated by iBigBang@wordpress.com.
Additional translations by BBupdates.com.
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