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After School’s Kahi shows her support for Son Dambi’s comeback

Son Dambi just completed her first round of comeback performances this week and her fellow Pledis Entertainment sisters have supported her throughout.

Earlier today After School’s Kahi tweeted,

“I came to cheer on Dambi h h SsonDdang said I didn’t make it for the recording of Queen… Saying that they prerecorded it at 9am… Are you kidding me!! k k Please love our Dambi a lot~~ You really are a queen!! Fighting”

Other After School members also cheered on Son Dambi earlier this week through their respective Twitters and me2days.

UEE: “Finally!!!!!^^Dambi-unni who I really really like and really really want to be like is making her comeback today!!!!^^pitapat*^^*Fighting!!!^^♥”

Raina: “In the middle of Dambi-unni’s first broadcast recording!! Fighting!! ^^”

Lizzy: “Came to cheer on Dambi-unni on her first broadcast. Unni do well, fighting”

There seems to be a trend of entertainment families supporting each other lately. For instance, YG Entertainment family supporting Taeyang’s comeback, JYP Entertainment family supporting miss A’s debut, CUBE Entertainment family supporting G.NA prior to her debut, and the list goes on.

Source: allkpop
Tags: after school, miss a, son dambi, taeyang

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