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Actor Choi Chul Ho apologizes for lying and violent act

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As announced earlier today, CCTV footage had shown actor Choi Chul Ho kicking a woman in public despite his earlier denial that he had never performed the deed.

Choi Chul Ho left an apology message through the website of MBC drama, Dong Yi, which he is currently acting in.

These were his words of apology,

“I am deeply sorry for the fans who have showed their love and support towards the drama, Dong Yi. As a well-known celebrity, I made a huge mistake.

It’s my fault that I have denied doing these actions earlier, and because of that, I am extremely sorry for those fans who have supported Dong Yi.

Up until now, a lot of people have been showing their love and interest towards me, but I have ended up doing a stupid deed.

To the hard-working director, script-writer, the staff, the cast, and mostly to the dedicated and loving fans, I offer my deepest apologies.

Because of me, the production of Dong Yi has been damaged, and my heart truly aches because of that. I’m sorry.”

Choi also appeared in a press conference at Seoul Palace Hotel this evening to show his remorse in person,

“I was worried about losing my popularity after gaining it just last year. This thought (lie) just flashed across my mind when it happened (violence). I’m sorry especially to my family, fans and everyone and I offer my sincere apologies.”

Choi will not be charged after the female victim decided to not pursue the case.

source: allkpop
Tags: court / legal issues, crime, douche

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