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Can Taeyang really make kimchi fried rice?

Recently, he came back as a solo artist and became different from before. The sun of Big Bang, Taeyang has become a “cunning man.” Not only did his song style change, but also even his song lyrics are about single people. His character changed as well; he is not the silent and shy guy we once knew. He has become so open that he made people feel strange around him. His fans also think that he has opened up a  lot. What is Taeyang up to nowadays?

  • Can Taeyang really make kimchi fried rice?
In I NEED A GIRL, the lyrics “kimchi fried rice” received a lot of attention lately. ”A girl who will eat the kimchi fried rice that I make instead” this kind of lyrics sound a bit naive. There are so many kinds of food to choose from, but why kimchi fried rice? Although the question itself is also naive, but this is one of the most curious questions from the fans.

In a recent interview that Taeyang was in, this kind of question was answered. He said, ”There are only two kinds of food that I can make, kimchi fried rice and ramen.” In this case, he cannot sing ”a girl who will eat the ramen that I make instead” it would be quite funny.

His new song gave out a soft and warm feeling, which is different from Taeyang’s image.The happiest moment for him is when he’s on stage performing. Not only the lyrics, even his facial expression shows how happy he is.

He said that dating is not his thing. Accordingly, Taeyang found other reasons for being so cheerful.

  • “Love Song? I don’t have a girlfriend…love, but i do feel envious”
Taeyang mentioned that “Year 2009 was a very tough period for me. I was in a terrible mood and even doubted my career as a singer.” He also revealed that “I sealed my heart and feelings and because of this, I became less expressive about things.”

Taeyang then admits that “However, suddenly, I began to have thoughts that ‘if I continue being like this, soon I will not be able to even sing anymore’. Thus I tried my best to open my heart again. I started to work earnestly for my life. If I continue to deteriorate, it will not only affect my life but also the disappearance of the music as part of my life. I must reopen my heart if I want to be able to express the song and put in my feelings into a song. Therefore, I worked hard for this sole purpose.”

On top of that, he also said that, “After reverting back, I feel stronger and motivated. Not only did I find the goal in producing music but also the values.” In addition, ” After shedding away what I hid myself in, I began to understand what life is about.”
Then, a question which detracts from the interview was raised, “Although this is just a song but truthfully, how do you feel when you see people who are in love?”

After much consideration, Taeyang replied, “Truthfully, until recently, I always feel melancholic when I see people dating. ‘What exactly does dating feel like?’ I also felt curious.” He laughed and continued, “Now, my perception has changed. I feel much better and a little more envious.”

Korean source: newsen
Translated: Maggie @ ibigbang + xiao_de @ ibigbang
Source: iBigbang Fansite

Sorry newsen, but I'm much more interested in inspiration behind these lyrics.
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