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SHINee's New Concept - Key

source: newsen

Following the previous concept photo release for members Minho, Taemin, Onew, and Jonghyun, Key was the last to reveal his solo concept photo for SHINee’s comeback. SM Entertainment has decided to try something completely new and out of the ordinary for SHINee’s comeback by radically transforming them with a unique retro style that has left people wondering what their actual concept is. Key can be seen above sporting an entirely new haircut with white paint on the right side of his face, wearing a black leather jacket and showing off a small ear piercing which has gotten many fans anticipating their comeback even further. Stay tuned to see what SHINee has for us in their comeback.

source: akp

...his hair.. D;  HE SHAVED THE BACK ;^;
Tags: comebacks, key, shinee
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