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Taeyang talks about album name and MV change as well as album delay

Taeyang “Last year was difficult, to the point where I doubted the singer’s lifestyle”

Big Bang’s Taeyang opened up about his difficult year of 2009 and the emotional distress that was hard to talk about.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Taeyang revealed, “2009 was a hard time for me personally. My emotions were to the point where I felt doubt about being a singer,” and, “I got along by closing off my heart. That was why I didn’t talk much.”

Taeyang recently made a comeback with his solo track ‘I Need a Girl.’ With a smooth feel and sweet lyrics, it’s been said that there’s been a change from Taeyang’s previous style. Taeyang’s changed image and especially his brighter personality is surprising music critics.

Taeyang revealed, “But all of a sudden, I started to think, ‘If I continue this way, I won’t be able to sing.’ I made an effort to open up my heart as much as I could and I’m living that way now. A lot of the dark areas that were interfering with my life and of course with my music have disappeared. I’ve decided that I have to open up my heart in order to put sincerity and emotion into my music, and I make an effort to continue living that way.”

He went on to say, “Changing my personality gave me strength. It seems like I have more goals in terms of music in the future, and more values,” and explained, “Now that I’ve gone through some chaos, I feel like I know more about life.”

Taeyang took longer than expected with his current album. Originally set to be released at the beginning of this year, the album got pushed back to the second half and pushed back again. The album’s title track got changed and the music video that had been released online got deleted soon after. Amongst fans there was worry about whether there was a problem.

About this, Taeyang expressed, “The album title ‘Real’ that was initially announced was one of many different versions,” and, “It was a strong contender for the title, but it was never set in stone. It was announced as if the album title we had decided on had been changed.”

He contined, “The word ‘Solar’ came up while we were working and it felt like a good fit, so we just changed the intro and title.”

Regarding the music video he says
, “There was an episode,” and, “After we finished filming the music video, I didn’t have a chance to view the finished product because of my schedule. The company had confidence and released it, but the reaction wasn’t as strong as we thought it would be. The day before it was released, I got back home at dawn because of my schedule so I went to sleep instead of watching the music video that was released online. I checked when I woke up and saw that the video went down. The reaction wasn’t good so everyone thought that we would have to refilm it.”

Also, “I still haven’t seen that music video,” and with a smile, expressed his gratitude towards YG Entertainment saying, “Where is there a company that immediately responds to fans’ opinions. It’s a huge deal to make plans to refilm a music video because of this reason.”

Regarding why his album release got delayed,
“I learned that not everything can go the way you plan,” and revealed, “I felt burdened. And so working on the songs got delayed. Each song took a long time. And I worried a lot.”

Also, “But still, I’m really satisfied now,” and added, “The thrill of wanting people to listen is greater.”

Korean source: newsen
Source & translation: seungie

First part of the interview under the cut, because it's the mostly same stuff he talked already in previous interview.
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