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Sori ends promotions for Hero after just 3 weeks

In some shocking and upsetting piece of news, it has been revealed that singer Sori will be ending promotions for Hero after just three weeks. This is a move that is not seen much in the Korean industry as artists will usually promote songs for as long as they stay super popular.

Her company said of this move, “We prepared a lot so it’s sad that she has to end promotions. She will continue being on TV shows. The album hasn’t been well-received fast enough. We thought about it and decided we’re going to reveal better music later. If this was the album stepping into hip hop, the next one will definitely be fully hip hop.”

The song Hero in question is from her new Hip Girl mini album so hopefully the next time she releases a song for promotion it will be received better from fans and critics.

In Korea the image of artists and singers are paramount to the companies. Instead of releasing an album of singles and filler songs, Korean artists hold high standards as they attempt to release constant hits, this is why people will stop promotions early, or release a mini album as opposed to a full length album. Due to the disappointing lack of success for Hero this would mean that the company who represent her have decided to stop promoting to try again with another single.

She will next release her next digital single in early August, hopefully this one will be more of a success.

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feel bad for her...
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