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Interview with Canadian Wonderfuls + Wonder Girls take EXR to the US

Interview with Wonder Girls fans at the Vancouver show
All of the WG tour dates in Canada have been sold out.

Wonder Girls to Take EXR to the US

While promoting in the U.S, Wonder Girls are the models for EXR in Korea. It looks like EXR will be taking this opportunity to expand their brand in the States, but Wonder Girls will not be doing it alone. Dare take a guess at who will be their little helper?

EXR feels that thanks to Wonder Girls they are making their name know as the girls are showing the “hallyu fashion” around the U.S, but now they have also teamed up with none other than the animated character Pucca to have a stronger base to start with on their American venture. EXR is planning to produce both a Wonder Girls line and a Pucca line which will be aimed at young women.

EXR stated, “Pucca is not only popular in the U.S and Canada, but also in South America, Europe, China, and 150 Asian countries (lol this has to be a typo...maybe 150 cities?). The Pucca character and Wonder Girls have many similarities. We will capture the attention of America’s fashion people through these products and Wonder Girls.”

They’ll be starting off with the Pucca line, which will be released first in Korea to taste the waters, and then it will be released in the U.S.

Will the Wonder Style be able to take over America?

[Source: Lee]

Sources: 969Media (video); WonderfulsWorld

Lol @ those fanboys in the video XD I wish someone mentioned Lim as their favorite WG though :(

Also, EXR is a pretty famous clothing brand in SK; they generally gear towards sports/casual attire. 2PM has also modeled for them in the past. ^^
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