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Why T-ara Added New Member & Boram as Leader.

Girl group T-ara recently had some changes. The existing six members were joined by a new member, enhancing the group into seven members.

With the new enhancement of an additional member, it means that they can occur on stage more effectively. It also means that more individual activities for the girls, and a lesser schedule for over worked members.

T-ara is actually very busy compared to other idols. Jiyeon has already been in a lot of movies and dramas, Eunjung has been in a drama and preparing for a movie, Hyomin has been preparing for a drama, and Qri, Boram and Soyeon have been regulars on variety shows. When album activities occur, the girls become very busy.

A representative said, "T-ara's Hyomin is preparing for a drama shoot and future individual activities," he said, "in this case, it means they girls can't regularly be on stage or record often or else members would be missing and that's why we recruited a new member to hold activties and keep interest in T-ara and not the dramas/movies."

The newly acquired member was able to meet the exceptions for T-ara. In the past, Jiyeon was the youngest member, but now Ryu Hwayoung takes that title. Her and her twin sister, Ryu Hyoyoung previously appeared in SBS "Star King" which has collected attention. In addition, Hwayoung is talented in both dance and vocal skills, along with acting. At the same time, she has equips many other skills as well.

The new seven-member T-ara still is scheduled, and plans, to release their next album. The president, Kim Kwangsoo said, "T-ara's album title song has not yet been decided, but as before, it'll be different from before and a concept that the new member also fits in,' he said with high exceptions.

Also announced today was that Boram would take the place of leader from Eunjung. In the future, fans are expecting that Boram will too, take the charismatic leader role in T-ara.
On the 16th, the girl group T-ara had two major changes. The first being the recruit of the seventh member, Ryu Hwayoung, and the second being the swtich of leaders from Eunjung to Boram.

On the 16th, T-ara's agency Core Contents Media announced Ryu Hwayoung was the newest member and that Boram would replace Eunjung.

Just like After School and Super Junior, the choice to recruit a new member makes T-ara more diverse. When switching up the leader, the opinions were more particular (idk how to explain.)

A representative of Core Contents Media told Star News over a phone call, "Once a year, the leaders will rotate, last year we already rotated with Jiae/Eunjung. It's been a year and it's time for it to happen again."

Following, "Eunjung is very busy shooting her movie, even though her drama schedule just cleared up. At the time of T-ara's debut, she was a good choice for a leader as she was a trainee for the longest time among the original members," he said, "But now we've decided that rotating leaders would be a good idea as it gives all the members an opportunity to grow as members of the group."

The representative also said, "The choice to replace the leaders was a choice decided by T-ara themselves. They feel that this way T-ara is able to grow more as a group into a new direction."

Meanwhile, T-ara is busy with personal activities. Jiyeon's movie, "Death Bell 2" will be released this summer, Eunjung's drama "Coffee House" is being aired, and Hyomin is preparing for her drama, "My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox."

Original Source: Article 1 Article 2
Source: Article 1-DKP Article 2-DKP
Both translated by:nathaniel@Diadem
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