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[Fully translated] “FROM YG” Message regarding Taeyang

Hello, this is Yang Hyun Suk. Bows ~~

5 months ago I said that would be my last “FROM YG” greeting, but after stumbling in front of some of the different schedules for Taeyang, I think I need to talk about it.

Last July 1st the announcement of the regular album was conducted and one month after Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” broadcast activities will come to an end after being on “MBC Music Core” on August 14th.

Although it is regretful for the expectation of the fans of the title song “I Need A Girl” that the activities will have to finish a little earlier, it is because the coming August 19th Taeyang will release a new album.

Taeyang’s new album release <International release album>

This “International release” album will contain 2 new songs that were not included in the past album. We chose songs that Taeyang has released that will be the most likeable to overseas fans. A total of 12 collected songs are expected.

The new material is 2 new songs together with an English recorded version of “Wedding Dress” that makes more sense. [makes more sense because it's an international album] As you fans know, Taeyang’s first full album was announced to have ranked in the 1st and 2nd place in the United States and Canada, “iTunes R&B charts“. In particular “Wedding Dress” exceeded 10 million views on “YouTube”, proving that there is hot reaction from overseas fans.

A few months ago YG artists began to use iTunes as a source for YG artists to supply their music, the next step forward will be for YG artists to present their music and music videos by making english versions and I was planning to supply them to famous overseas sites like “iTunes” and “YouTube“, etc.

The first singer for this plan will be, Taeyang, the first attempt by Taeyang will be through the “International Release” of the album. In the meantime, as a token of appreciation for the support of overseas fans, Taeyang’s “International Release” album is expected to include all of Taeyang’s music videos released so far and the making of film in a bonus DVD.

Taeyang’s new title track and plans for the broadcasting activities

This new album’s title track was produced was the main producer of YG and Taeyang’s best seonbaein, Teddy. Teddy wrote and composed the title track called “I’ll be there“. As oppose to the previous song “I Need A Girl” that had a smooth medium-tempo R&B, “I’ll be there” will be a strong and fast hip-hop and R&B song.

I’m planning to have broadcasting activities for “I’ll be there” from when the album is released to the end of September.

Because we are in the midst of planning a music video concept that is completely different from what you have been seeing from Taeyang until now, Taeyang has been working with director Kim Hye Jeong, who was in charge of G-Dragon’s ‘Butterfly’ and ‘She’s Gone’ videos, for the first time.

The reason I am telling you that the concept is different is not only because the dance put together by our choreography Shaun is unique, but also because its uniqueness is to the point that after seeing the choreography in completion about a month ago, I told Shaun that it was the best routine I had seen from him in years.

Please have many expectations as you will soon be seeing Taeyang’s new braodcasting activities and his new album.

Taeyang’s solo concert postponed

Taeyang’s solo concert, which was originally to be held on September 4th and 5th, has been inevitably postponed. We had to make this decision seeing that with Big Bang’s promotions in Japan and filming various commercials, Taeyang lacked enough time to prepare for the concert.

Since it was a decision we made because of a desire to put on an even better stage, we appreciate your understanding and patience.

A small excuse regarding concert hall negotiations [I think this is in response to Taeyang's fans who complained A LOT about the event hall choice, which they regarded way too small considering his fanbase size] 

As was the case for Taeyang’s solo concert for his mini album, we are looking to hold two separate performances, one for the mature audience (19+) and one for all audiences, and we believed that a maximum capacity of 3-5,000 would be enough to ensure that no one in the audience will be too far from the stage.

Though we first thought of the Fencing Hall, Olympic Hall, and the Jamsil Gymnasium, but as you all know, aside from Olympic Park, the other two locations are under construction until next year, and so the competition to secure a concert hall is that much higher and more difficult.

If it were the case that, like school events or office events, the stage did not have to be grand and all we needed was one day on location, we could be accommodated, but because a singer’s stage requires much construction and rehearsal time, at least one week’s time is needed on location. Requests must be made 6 months in advance to reserve such a space for a concert, and the final decision is made after much review by those in charge.

I will honestly tell you that during the time when the release of Taeyang’s album was continually being postponed, it was impossible to look ahead and be able to submit our request 6 months in advance. Furthermore, because the concert halls’ requirements and review has become even more strict, changing the date or canceling is not permitted, so we were being extra cautious about making reservations.

After the release of Taeyang’s album, our staff made extreme efforts to book a concert hall and the space that we secured was the Hall of Peace. And the reason I thought that this location was suitable was that over 90% of Taeyang’s performance will be done with a live band.

I’ve communicated by pessimistic thoughts regarding the reality of national concert halls, but if you take into consideration the quality of national singers who are leading the Asian music market and their musical content, aside from ‘AX Korea’ which holds 1,000 seats, you can think of professional auditoriums as more executive.

I want you to know that the reason musicians and singers prefer a professional hall is not because they want to put on an awesome stage, but because they want to present the audience with a good sound.

Many people who aren’t specialists don’t know the difference between ‘soundproofing’ and ‘absorption.’ To put it simply, ‘soundproofing’ is blocking sounds and vibrations from going from the inside to the outside, and ‘absorption’ is preventing sounds and vibrations inside the auditorium from ringing. Just like the sound rings when you sing inside a small bathroom, loud music that is played in a large gym also rings, bouncing off all the walls and ceiling. It comes back with a time delay just like an echo, so realistically speaking, it is impossible to present the audience with a satisfying sound in such a space.

Telling you this may not be helpful since the concert has already been postponed, but the reason YG deemed the Hall of Peace as a suitable location for Taeyang’s concert is of course, there was the difficulty in securing any space at all, but in the case of the Hall of Peace, it is a concert hall that is furnished with ‘soundproofing’ and ‘absorption’ in mind, so we were anticipating that we’d be able to present an excellent sound quality to Taeyang’s fans who would come to see the show.

I hope there will be no further misunderstanding, and we do look ahead to many more difficulties, but we will put all our effort into it. Thank you..

2010 08 02 From Yang Hyun Suk

Korean source: YG Entertainment
Translated: Jae In @ ibigbang | Seungie @ tumblr
Tags: big bang, taeyang, yg entertainment

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