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Se7en and SHINee’s Songs Get Banned

MBC has banned songs by singers Se7en and SHINee.

These said songs are Se7en’s Money Can’t Buy Me Love and SHINee’s Love Still Goes On. The reason for their banning are because of the mentioning of brand names and a website.

Se7en’s song includes well-known brand names Prada, Guess, and Gucci. In SHINee’s song lyrics, the social networking site Facebook is mentioned.

The MBC panel concluded that the songs were indirectly advertising the brands, resulting in this decision. The artists have requested a retrial after modifications of the said songs.

MBC recently banned Big Bang member T.O.P’s Turn It Up for the same reasons. T.O.P’s song lyrics contained brand names Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana amongst others.

Source: KpopLive
Tags: se7en, shinee

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