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One Way's Chance Gave Gift to a Filipina Celebrity

In between One Way's mall shows in the Philippines, they also appeared on various TV shows on ABS-CBN including “E-Live,” “ASAP XV” and “The Buzz”.

And members of the group, particularly Chance, were smitten by KC Concepcion’s beauty and charisma.

During their interview on “E-Live” on July 31, it was revealed that Chance has a crush on KC.

“I think she’s the most beautiful girl in the world,” Chance described KC.

The following day, KC interviewed One Way for “The Buzz” and thanked Chance for the compliment.

“Thank you very much for that wonderful compliment,” KC told Chance.

In the interview, One Way said the group’s name has “a lot of different meanings but we put that all together as one”.

Chance said One Way’s style is "very original yet fresh.”

He added that their music is based on R&B and hip-hop mixed with jazz and soul and other different music genres.

One Way thanked Filipinos for being welcoming and nice.

Before the interview ended, Chance presented KC with a gift.

“Thank you for being so nice to us,” he told KC.

KC thanked him, saying the gift meant a lot.

During "The Buzz," host Toni Gonzaga revealed that the gift turned out to be an expensive perfume.

Source:  Manila Bulletin (removed some paragraphs that we already know by now)

I hope this one gets approved.
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