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10asia interview with boy band Infinite

From left, boy band INFINITE members L, Hoya, Woo-hyun, Sung-kyu, Dong-woo, Sung-yeol and Sung-jong pose during an interview with 10Asia.


My name is Kim Sung-kyu. I am the leader of INFINITE.

I was born on April 28, 1989.
I'm the only one in the group who was born in the 80s and I feel the age difference from the younger members of my group. It was surprising to hear that Sung-jong didn't know who Korean boy band H.O.T was. Everyone in my age group knows who they are!

I am the oldest in the group
but I am the youngest at home. I have an older sister who is five years older than me. My sisters' friends compliments us whenever we are on TV, saying that we all look cute.

I was in the school band at Jeonju National University High School.
The name of our band was 'Beat' and we mostly played hardcore music like Pia, Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit. I enjoyed Elle Garden and Muse but I mostly sang or rapped.

I came to Seoul and stayed in the Hongik University area with the determination to 'do rock music.'
But my friend who came with me went back home and I was the only one left here. I've become more interested in black music, pop and dance and now I'm having fun with learning how to dance.

My biggest reason for signing with this company
is because of senior singers Nell. They were my idols from when I first started to do music. I have all their studio albums as well their underground records.

I was really embarrassed when we first began shooting for Mnet's "INFINITE! You are the One."
I thought we were going to be doing a cool program but the whole show is real, starting from the scene where I call out to our manager when Ji-ae comes into our dorm while we are eating. I think we showed the viewers everything from our bare faces to taking off our clothes in the bathroom (Sung-yeol: They showed our chests!) and crying.

That's why we weren't under the pressure to get into shape because our bodies were revealed even before we made our debut.
We acknowledged the fact that we all have a normal builds. We sometimes may just think about working out. (laugh)

I still keep in touch with Ji-ae.
She came to cheer us on during our first stage performance and showcase. She called to give us advice to "work hard because it's going to be tough" after seeing our first broadcast. It's as if she's our older sister. (laugh)

There were many things to ride when we were shooting the music video for "Come Back Again." I chose to ride in the limousine. Everyone thought I rode in it because I was the oldest but the director said it matched my image...(Sung-yeol: But it didn't match him that much. Hahaha.) Uhm, the director probably chose it, thinking it will suit me in the future.

Whenever I sing, the end of my eyebrows droop downwards and I put on an expression that seems as if I'm saying I've been wrongly accused. Even my mom told me after watching me on TV that I should fix it. Honestly, I've tried practicing singing thinking about my eyebrows but it's not easy to fix it because I was born with it. (Dong-woo:But he does sing with a more mellow tone when he puts on the expression as if he's been wrongly accused.) I have more people who like my eyebrows now and I think maybe Woo-hyun will try to imitate my expression for one of his skills. He's probably practicing somewhere where I can't see him.


My name is Jang Dong-woo.

I was born on November 22, 1990. I have two older sisters with one being six years older than me and the other three years older. People tell me that I probably grew up receiving their love but I was beaten up a lot! (Sung-kyu: That's what he says now and it seems like his sisters love him and take good care of him whenever I hear him talking to them on the phone.)

My parents said they will allow me to sing and dance after I graduate from high school.
But I learned to sing and dance properly from when I was a freshman in high school because I wanted to go on stage so badly. My sister used to be a dancer and I learned from her. I mostly dance in the R&B style and during my audition...I think I barely passed. (laugh)

Woo-hyun and Sung-jong seemed much more manly back when I first met them, with their long hair and
(Woo-hyun: We kept him in check because we joined the agency first. Haha.) But we became close after thirty minutes of spending time together to eat. The power of sharing a meal is great.

I got the nickname "Kenya Dong-woo"
from Mnet's "INFINITE! You are the One." At school, my nickname was 'Woo-dong.'A lot of people ask me if I am from Kenya. Ha...it's all a misunderstanding. I am a native Korean, I'm from the Gyeonggi Province of South Korea.

My pants ripped while I was dancing on MBC's "Infinite Girls."
I didn't know it at first but I felt a coolness somewhere and then noticed that something white was showing! I held onto my pants and finished my dance saying it was a new dance that I came up with. They edited that part out and only showed me dancing.

It took two hours to shoot the rain scene for the music video "Come Back Again."
We were singing live and the water kept going into my mouth and I had such a hard time because I couldn't open my eyes.

At the dorms,
Woo-hyun, L and Sung-yeol share a room and Sung-kyu, Sung-jong and Hoya share a room. I am roommates with our manager. It's because I love our manager. (laugh)

I decided to keep a daily journal a week before we made our debut
. A journal is something you don't show others but I showed Sung-kyu my journal because he persuaded me by saying, "I have to know what you guys are thinking about because I am the oldest and the leader. It will help me to be a better team leader." (Sung-kyu: I expected him to have written something philosophical because he practices writing the raps and lyrics. All he wrote was what time he ate lunch and what today's schedule was like.)

I didn't show anyone my journal after that,
and I carry it around in my bag just in case the other members might see. If I knew something like this would happen, I would have bought one with a lock! (L: How about a bag like James Bond's?)


My name is Nam Woo-hyun.

I was born on February 8, 1991.
I have an older brother who is two years older than me.

My dream was to become a soccer player.
However, I gave up on that dream because I didn't have the stamina. My favorite player Lee Dong-gook took part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and I felt good because it was as if he was playing in my place. (Everyone: Hahahahah! What do mean in your place!! That's so wrong!)

I actually don't look like an idol.
Of course, although it was my close friends who told me that. (laugh) But I still auditioned for our company thinking that I should work harder on singing since my looks aren't that great. I liked how our company has other musicians like Epik High and Nell.

I passed the auditions with Stevie Wonder's "Lately."
I think the president accepted me because of my confidence. (laugh)

My role model is Stevie Wonder.
I began singing while learning his songs and it's moving to see the passion and joy he has for music even at his age. I am really upset that I won't be able to see his concert in Korea.

We have two bunk beds in the dorm
but Sung-yeol, L and I sleep on the floor. Even though we don't fit the image of being people who sleep on the floor. (Sung-jong: You fit that image though. Sung-kyu: Hey! So you're saying we suit the floor?) Haha. It's based on my criteria.

My intestines are a bit weak
so I suffer from indigestion if I eat oily food but I stuff myself with meat because I love it and then afterwards it comes out through the lower... I'm sorry.

I am probably the best cook among my members.
I haven't had the chance to cook for them because we always eat at a restaurant near the dorms. I cooked some egg rolls for Ji-ae during an episode of Mnet's "INFINITE! You are the One" but she it tasted bad. She only said it to make the show more fun when it actually tasted good! (Sung-kyu: It was really good because we all tried some since Woo-hyun made a lot.)

There was a high-class look and an eccentric feeling about L at first
but when he starts to speak in his regional dialect he seems more human-like. It makes me think that someone as good-looking as him has faults too...

Dong-woo is known as the 'gummed angel' amongst us.
It is because he has a beautiful smile but you don't want to see his gums. (laugh)

Lately, I can't approach Sung-jong because it seems like he's going through puberty.
He slammed the door a couple of times when I tried to ask him to do something. So I just thought I should do it myself. (Sung-jong: Oh, no! The wind blew the door shut.) He threw in towels really hard when I asked him to put them in the washing machine.(Sung-jong: It's because I was dusting them off before I put them in. Why are you coming up with these weird incidents!)

I am trying to polish up many skills.
I can perfectly imitate senior singers Ha Dong-kyun and MC Mong but people ask me why I keep doing the same thing. I tried something else but they weren't impressed.

We recently shot the music video "She's Back"
near the ocean wearing sailor clothes. Of course I thought the marine clothing looked best on me but the fans said I looked like a CEO playing golf since I re-dyed my hair.

The more you see me, the more attractive you'll find me.
You may not notice at first, but you have to keep looking. I'm telling you there is a something very attractive about me if you look very, very closely!


My name is Hoya. My real name is Lee Ho-won. As a child my nickname was Hoya and it was great because I debuted with it. When I meet someone for the first time I feel like I become close with them when they call me "Hoya." (Woo-hyun: He didn't seem to like it when I called him Ho-won but smiled all of a sudden when I called him Hoya! Sung-kyu: It was to the point where the other trainees knew to call him Hoya.)

I was born on March 28, 1991.
My hometown is Busan. I have an older brother who is two years older than me and a little brother who is five years younger.

That is why it was awkward when I met Ji-ae for the first time on Mnet's "INFINITE! You are the One."
I didn't know if she should be my little sister, girlfriend or a whole other being...

Unlike the other members I tried to take on the 'bad boy' image
and didn't take care of Ji-ae. But all those scenes were edited out and the program showed me taking care of the younger sister. (laugh)

I was a taekwondo athlete up till middle school.
I received my third-degree black belt in taekwondo but being in a tournament is a completely different level. I got hit a lot during the tournament and after that I didn't want to continue taekwondo. Oh, I seriously got hit a lot.

I dropped out of high school during my freshmen year
to learn how to sing and dance. I was about to give up after being rejected from the auditions when the teacher from the music academy told me there was an open audition for this company.

We learned the choreography for "Come Back Again"
by watching a video of ourselves dancing. We stopped the video every second and started over if someone makes a mistake.

I never heard a compliment from the choreographer up until the day we made our debut.
He told me that our debut performance was 'hair-raisingly good.' I was extremely happy because it was the first compliment he gave us.

I became naturally tanned when we shot the music video for "She's Back."
The other members didn't like that they got a tan but I was happy about it.

My favorite artists
are Usher, Chris Brown and Omarion. I was sad that I wasn't able to see Usher during his Korean concert.

Myung-soo, I mean L
has a tough and cold expression but when you get to know him he is delicate and warm. He is always very affectionate. Sung-yeol may seem like the studious and smart type but he's really aloof! He has a lot of weak points, like whenever he talks, he squeaks and he easily cries! (laugh)

Dong-woo and I
learned how to rap from Epik High's Mithra Jin and Gonzo. We had dinner at Mithra Jin's parents' house and it was really good! We had meat, uhm, he said he eats meat for all three meals...

We eat about 20 portions of meat.
Our manager is always cooking the meat for us so he doesn't get to eat it that much. He is like an angel. (L: Should we go eat meat again?)


My name is Lee Sung-yeol.

I was born on
August 27, 1991.

Of the members of my group, I am the tallest.
I was 180 centimeters when I was last measured and I think I've grown a bit since then.

We almost didn't debut under the name INFINITE
but rather under a name like Supersonic, I-pop, or Blackberry. We had actually agonized over the name that the CEO of our company had been thinking of naming us by when at the last second, he decided we would be INFINITE and we shouted out in joy.

I had actually been preparing to become an actor
but I came across the chance to sing on stage and it was more attractive than I thought so I became a singer. I would like to try playing a role which is strong yet funny like those that actors Yoo Hae-jin or Lim Chang-jung play.

I recently took part in a pre-recording for MBC TV series' World Changing Quiz"
(Woo-hyun: Oh, Sung-jong wasn't the only one who went on it?) I think you'll only see Sung-jong on it. I've been speaking less and less ever since. It's not like there's a scene that I hope gets cut out but still... I heard though that they shot a lot of scenes of me laughing.

When we shot the music video for "Come Back,"
all I did was run all day because Sung-kyu got to ride in a limousine and L an expensive segway but I had to teleport.

On Mnet's "INFINITE! You are the One," I said I've dated someone before
but that was just because um... hasn't everyone dated someone? From an objective standpoint, I think Woo-hyun or L would be popular with the women.

I've cried at a wedding of a relative whose face I had never seen before.
I actually cried while looking at the white background for the wedding and my mom asked what was wrong with me. I think I could've been mistaken for liking the person who is getting married. I'm a bit sentimental like that. (Hoya: I can't believe you actually said that about yourself...)

But I have a hard time trying to cry on purpose.
I don't think I'd be able to cry for a music video shoot. (L: We could go to a wedding!)

At home, we do the laundry in teams.
Sung-kyu, L, Sung-jong and Hoya are on one team while me, Woo-hyun and Dong-woo are on another team. We take turns doing the laundry every week. The largest difficulty to doing the laundry in the summer is that it doesn't dry well. We're actually not that clean but we should maintain a minimum cleanliness so... Hahaha. (Sung-kyu: The member who is the cleanest of us is... nobody. Woo-hyun: Our manager is probably the cleanest.)

If we could have our home renovated
I wish we could have about two, no, four bathrooms. Then what about our rooms? Hmm... we could reduce the size of our living room?


My name is L. My real name is Kim Myung-soo.

I was born on March 13, 1992.
I'm from Seoul and I have a younger brother who is two years younger than me.

I came up with my name L.
Some people have asked whether I don't use my real name because of comedian Park Myung-so but that's not true, it just came to be like that. Oh, it's not L from "Deathnote" either. (Woo-hyun: But he was similar to L when he was a trainee with his long hair and all.)

I was interested in acting or modeling
but I ended up auditioning as a singer too after watching a lot of musicals.

I'm sometimes told that I look like actor Kim Bum.
(Sung-kyu: We actually go to the same hair salon so we've seen him in person and well, um .... he was extremely cool.) Um... well that's why they say. Even I think that he has a very small face and is tall too. (Sung-kyu: That's right. You have to face the truth. What isn't, isn't.)

The time when opinions clash within our team
is when we're trying to decide what to eat. It's hard for us to agree on a single menu since there's so many of us so we choose when our manager gives us about four choices. Nobody in particular is really stubborn though so we easily give away to the other person.

Everybody likes food like pork, chicken and pizza.
(Sung-yeol: The CEO of our company will sometimes come to us and buy us meat though, saying that we don't look healthy. That's when he looks really cool. Sung-kyu: And when he tells us we have to eat what we want to even if we'll look bloated on screen the next morning if we eat the night before!)

It's been a year since I've lived with the members of our group.
(Sung-kyu: I'm so sick of them!) There are times that I want to escape. Have I really done it? No. (Sung-kyu: Our manager is right next to us right now so we can't tell you right now.)

We bought an alarm clock which is very loud
but we haven't been hearing it from a certain point on because we're so tired. That's why we take turns to wake each other up and the person who can't wake up or doesn't wake up others pays a fine. Everybody has been waking up really well and even scolding each other to wake up ever since. Hahaha.

My role model is TVXQ.
I've liked them since "Hug" and some people think it's strange that I like them but I like their style of music. I like cheerful songs like "Hug" but also intense songs like "Rising Sun" or "Purple Line."


My name is Lee Sung-jong.

I was born on September 3, 1993.
I'm a junior at Jeonju Fine Arts High School and I have a brother who is three years younger than I am.

My hometown is Gwangju in the Jeolla Province.
I don't usually speak in the Jeolla dialect but I do occasionally when I'm talking to my parents or friends or when I get worked up.

Living with six older guys is extremely suffocating.
(All burst out into laughter.) No, I'm kidding. I'm really happy. Seriously! They all treat me very well. (L: Don't try to resolve the damage you've already done. Woo-hyun: Why are you looking at me?) Since I'm the youngest... Ahem, oh man, my voice is cracking up. Anyway, since I'm the youngest, everyone teaches me a lot of things and takes good care of me. That's why I'm happy being the youngest sometimes. (Woo-hyun: You sound like you're someone talking in a commercial! Sung-kyu: Sung-jong really is like the youngest -- he's very cute. I'm worried because I think Woo-hyun is starting to influence him...)

Leader Sung-kyu is really good at taking care of us.
Whenever we're done with one of our schedules, when we're done somewhere and have to go to another place, he tells us what to do next. I think he was the nicest to Ji-ae too on Mnet's "INFINITE! You are the One."

Simply put, L is like a pineapple.
A pineapple is hard and rough on the outside yet sweet on the inside and he's exactly like that. (Woo-hyun: You prepared that remark too, didn't you?) Yes.

Not long ago, I said on the radio that I want to eat sushi
and then the very next day, our fans sent us sushi. Thank you!

I saw a desert fox for the first time while shooting the music video for "Come Back."
I thought it would
be really big but it was actually very small and so cute that I wanted to keep it as my pet. We had to be very careful for the shoot though because it's very sensitive to sound.

I was very sad and disappointed when King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away.
He's my favorite artist and I liked everything about him, from his singing method to dancing to his manners on stage. I wanted to be like him. I like his songs "Beat it" and "Ben" the most.





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