Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (lopezfitzgerald) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald

Netizens poke fun at UEE’s belly fat once again

After School’s UEE is being made fun of her belly fat for the third time.

People thought UEE’s little belly fat was a bit endearing at first but later on, people began to notice that the belly fat never left.

At a recent event, UEE and the other girls dressed up in outfits from Bang! promotions as they sported a red top and black short shorts.

It seems like UEE’s costume was just a tad tight on her. She had slight love handles which is really not a big deal. It’s not even her fault since she is required to gain a little weight for her role in the upcoming drama Birdie Buddy (still doesn’t have a confirmed airing date).

Netizens wrote,

“Why didn’t they dress her in a looser outfit?”
“I can’t even breathe looking at that tight outfit.”
“It doesn’t seem like she didn’t gain so much weight.”
“This makes her feel more friendly.”

How can someone even call that belly fat? I’m sure that the pictures were taken at the wrong moment.

Source: AKP

whatever.. she looks fine! its just a bad outfit. i bet the netizens are jealous of her self confidence.
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