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Super Junior Kyuhyun transforms into Dracula causes outburst laughter

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Super Junior Kyuhyun, causes a burst of laughter by perfectly transforming into Dracula with his white face
Super Junior Kyuhyun made one summer night chilling by having the same appearance as Dracula.

On the 4th in SBS E!TV ‘Shin Jeonghwan PD’s Variety World’ Kyuhyun became Dracula in the spur of the moment in the middle of a new game called ‘Comfortably lay on top of the blanket SHOW’. The survival type game is to wear the thick sleeping back up to the head and run to the blankets to claim the set pillow.
As the round slow down, the members being to get tired among them with his exceptionally white and small face, Kyuhyun’s form reminds us of Dracula.

There's a rumor that Shin Jeongwan who was looking at him said “Kyuhyun always looks like Dracula” which made the set burst into laughter.

On the day, Kyuhyun and his team members Shindong, Yesung with go against Mblaq’s Lee Joon, Thunder, and Seungho on 3:3 match.
‘Shin Jeonghwan PD’s Variety World’ with Super Junior and Mblaq’s 2nd episode will air on the 4th at 12 o’clock on SBS E!TV.

translated by cookiemonkey @princekyu

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DraKYUla  it is then..! I wanna see this!!
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