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SM Family's Congratulatory Messages on BoA's 6th Album

Super Junior: Hello, this is Super Junior. We are~ Super Junior!

Yesung: Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! It has been 10 years now since Donghae shi and Sungmin shi entered SM.

Sungmin: It has been 5 years since I debuted.

Donghae: Ah, we still have a lot to go.

Yesung: Yes, it's been 5 years since our debut.

Kyuhyun: They say that in 10 years, even rivers and mountains change.

Donghae: Yes, true, I still have a lot to go.

Kyuhyun: But BoA sunbaenim doesn't change.

Donghae: Also today in our congratulations, uh-

Kyuhyun: Hurricane?

Donghae: Hurricane.

Kyuhyun: Hurricane Venus.

Donghae: Hurricane Venus.

Ryeowook: Wow.

Donghae: BoA sunbaenim has come to Korea after how long?

Kyuhyun: It has been 5 years.

Donghae: Wow.

Kyuhyun: The album that so many fans have been waiting for, I have been waiting for, and all our members have been waiting for, is finally coming out.

Ryeowook: 6th album.

Kyuhyun: I think it is daebak.

Donghae: She has prepared for everyone, a really-

Kyuhyun: Big present.

Donghae: A really-

Kyuhyun: Big present.

Donghae: She has prepared an amazing album. So I think it would be good if everyone anticipated it.

Kyuhyun: Also, I really like playing games, and BoA sunbaenim has recorded a song called "Game" for me.

Yesung: We hope that you show your always cute and adorable and lovely image through this album. Not only Super Junior, but all artists are supporting it, so we hope you always keep strong.

Kyuhyun: Until now we have been Super Junior, everyone, goodbye. We are~ Super Junior!


Girls' Generation: Hello, we are Girls' Generation!

Sooyoung: Yes, wow, everyone, hasn't it been a very long time?

Yuri: You've waited for us, right?

Girls' Generation: Yes!

Sooyoung: But there is a musician whom you have been waiting for more than us. It is none other than BoA sunbaenim.

Girls' Generation: Woo!

Sooyoung: After her 5th album "Girls On Top" in 2005 she is returning to Korea after 6 years.

Girls' Generation: Woo!

Sooyoung: It is an album that we too have been waiting for eagerly. Even if we don't tell you, you know how much we like to BoA unni's music, right?

Yuri: Woo, of course!

Sooyoung: What songs does BoA sunbaenim have, everyone?

Tiffany: ID Peace;B!

Jessica & others: You're still my No.1~

Sooyoung: We're really anticipating BoA sunbaenim's comeback, so everyone when the album comes out, definitely buy the album and listen to it, yes. And please wait for and love Girls' Generation as well. 1, 2, 3...

Girls' Generation: Thank you!

Hyoyeon: Right now it's~

Girls' Generation: BoA's Generation!


SHINee: Hello, we are shining SHINee!

Onew: Yes, what is the reason we have come to stand in front of the camera like this, Key-gun?

Key: Yes, it is because BoA sunbaenim is releasing her new album and having her comeback.

Jonghyun: So she is.

Key: It has been a very long time, and so we, SHINee, have come to stand in front of the camera like this in order to give our congratulations.

Onew: That is so, BoA sunbaenim is coming back after a really long time.

Jonghyun: Yes.

Onew: We'll be able to watch that stage, so I'm really really anticipating it.

SHINee: Yes.

Minho: Either way, we, SHINee, give our congratulations to BoA sunbaenim's comeback once again and will look foward to an impressive stage.

Onew: Until now, we have been contemporary band

SHINee: shining SHINee. Thank you.


f(x): Hello!

Krystal: Sulli shi, why are we standing here in front of this camera?

Sulli: Hmm, I wonder? I heard that the person whom everyone is waiting for, the person who is incredible, is making her comeback.

Krystal: The Star of Asia, BoA sunbaenim, has returned with her 6th album "Hurricane Venus" after her 5th album "Girls On Top" in 2005.

f(x): Wow.

Victoria: Really? Then that must mean that now we will be able to watch BoA sunbaenim's stages in Korea too?

Sulli: That's right!

Luna: That's right, but that's not all. Do you all know this? Already, it has already become ten years since BoA sunbaenim debuted!

Krystal & Victoria: Wow, congratulations!

Sulli: Then, shall we sing one line from one of BoA sunbaenim's songs?

Krystal: 1, 2, 3...

f(x): You're still my No.1!

Krystal: Yes, we tried singing it short and cute.

Luna: We searched about it and looked up information a lot, and listened to BoA sunbaenim's 6th album, her 6th album title song, "Hurricane Venus." The song is the best too, but when you think of BoA sunbaenim you think of dance performances. She is really amazing.

Krystal: She's impressive. Anyway, please give lots and lots of love to the Star of Asia, BoA sunbaenim's 6th album "Hurricane Venus," and maknae group f(x) will also be cheering her on a lot so please show us lots of love as well.

Victoria: Yes.

Krystal: BoA sunbaenim~

f(x): fighting!

Sulli: Daebak~

Daum Special: The Star of Asia BoA's 10 Year Anniversary Commemoration
yt: Bokachu3r
translations: live laugh love @ soompi
source: uriboa + daum

Tags: boa, f(x), girls generation, shinee, super junior

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