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Amber spotted in K-Town

So I was at a cafe here in Los Angeles in K-Town and I was just with my friends chatting and eating. We were seated near the door so we saw everyone that came into the cafe. Then here comes Amber with a friend and they stop near our table because I think her friend knew someone there and was saying hi to his friend. Then they were seated in the outdoor area, but she was still in my view. My friend and I were completely like O.O We were pretty sure it was her, and we were so excited, but we were really nervous to go up to her. After like 20 minutes and after her friend went out, my friend and I finally got up the courage to go up to her. I went up to her shyly and I was like, "Oh, are you Amber from f(x)?" and she said yeah. I asked her for a picture, but she said she couldn't, but she said that she could give us an autograph. But we didn't have a pen, so my friend went to get a pen. While he was getting a pen, I asked her if she was here for the SM Concert, and she said that she was just here for a brief stay to visit friends and family and she pointed out her leg that was hurt. My friend came back with a pen, but we had no paper, so he went to get paper. I asked her if she was planning to go back to Korea, and she said yeah. My friend came back with a paper and she signed our receipt and she said that she's signed a lot of receipts and laughed. She didn't know how to spell my name (Ashley) so I told her how to spell it, and the same with my friend. I apologized to her for disrupting her conversation with her friend, but she said it was completely alright and smiled, and then we left.

Source: Soompi

So her leg is still hurt? It's been almost 2 months... :\ And I wonder why she couldn't take a picture.
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