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Kim C complains about Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate

Singer Kim C has expressed his disappointment towards SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.

Kim C wrote on his Twitter on the fourth, “I feel like complaining. You tell us to sing only 2 songs because there are too many artists making appearances due to the World Cup, but you let the ‘Queen of Ice’ sing three… amazing. Hahaha

Everyone in Korea knows that the ‘Queen of Ice’ is Kim Yuna, and even though he wasn’t being direct in his complaint, it was clear that he was speaking to the staff of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate, because Kim Yuna hasn’t been on any other show recently.

On July 11th, Kim C came on with his band Hot Potato and sang two songs. On the most recent episode of Chocolate, Kim Yuna came on and sang three songs. Kim C is not frustrated at Kim Yuna, but rather at Chocolate for giving the upper hand to Kim Yuna just because she’s more famous.

SBS staff said regarding Kim Yuna singing three songs, “She sang an extra one because the audience wanted an encore. There was no other reason.

Kim C also took time during an interview to point out the flaws in Korean entertainment. In one excerpt from the interview with Kim Jae Dong, Kim C talked about something that is related to the whole Inkigayo controversy that DJ DOC’s Lee Ha Neul is caught up in.

Lee Ha Neul said that Inkigayo wouldn’t let DJ DOC perform if they didn’t go on Strong Heart.

Kim C commented on this topic:

Q: Secrets about the relationship between entertainment shows and music programs have been mentioned recently. For you, did you have no choice but to appear on entertainment shows in order to promote Hot Potato’s music?

A: Of course, that was why I started appearing on those shows. I wanted our music to be played on the radio, and they said they’ll do so if I show up on variety shows. So I basically had to. Same with music videos too. That how I started out, and I thought I was anything but funny, but apparently they liked the few words I said in front of camera. And here I am, 6 years later.

This is all quite shocking to me because it’s weird to think he never wanted to be on those shows. If the Korean entertainment industry wasn’t like this, maybe Kim C would’ve never started going on variety shows, which means he would’ve never been on 1 Night 2 Days.


Why is he so mad? it's just one song. and it's yuna!! she's a lot more popular so why wouldn't she get more time?
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