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Han Ji-Hye Announces Engagement

Whoa, congrats to Han Ji-hye! The actress (Like the Moon Escaping From Clouds, My Boyfriend Is Type B) has revealed that she will marry next month in Hawaii with her boyfriend, identified only as Mr. A.

The relationship was made public in 2009, but Han has done a pretty good job of keeping her private life quiet. Her fiancé is six years older than her and works as a public prosecutor in a district office. The two met at a church gathering in January of 2009 (Han is reportedly a devout Christian).

Han said, “After living only for myself, living together and for another person is what marriage is about. I’ve met a partner that I can share my life with. As we live, we’ll encounter days that are rainy and windy. We’ll need umbrellas and coats — that’s what we will be to each other. No matter what unpaved roads we encounter in life, I will not let go of this hand, I vow to you all. I ask for lots of encouragement that I may live a happy life.”

Source: OSEN
Via: Dramabeans
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