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Changmin's Ultimate Choice Part 3

Question 9

Girls you like…
Cool Girls or Cheerful Girls?

A: Half & Half.
“Actually, girls that are cool and look cute are good! Am I greedy?” Changmin said, causing the manager and staff around to burst into laughter. “If I can only choose one, I suppose being cool will be more important. Ideally, it should be a 51% Cool, 49% balance,” showing his slight preference.

Question 10

When you have an appointment, do you usually...
Wait for people, or keep people waiting?

A: Wait for people
“No matter if its work or in private, I usually arrive before the agreed time.” said the reliable Changmin. By the way, at the earlier “Elle Japon” photoshoot appointment, he too arrived at the location 15 minutes early, and everyone was shocked.

Question 11

When driving, are you..
The speeding type, or the cautious type

A: Both
“Although I am a cautious driver, I definitely don’t think I’m slow,” was his “model student” answer. On his off days, or when he wants to refresh his mind, he will sometimes go for a drive alone.

Question 12

Q: If you are taking part in a World cup match...
Forward or Defense?
A: Defense.
"Because there's too much pressure on the forward, I wouldn't want to be one. Although you could say the defense has a heavy responsibility as well since he cannot allow (the opposing team) to score points, a forward has to be more attentive, (which) I think has more pressure. A sports fan at heart, Changmin seems to have unintentionally taken on the feelings of a soccer player.

"That's why, no matter how passionate (I) become when supporting a team, I won't say things to criticize or jeer at a player."

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