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Shindong and Shin Bong Sun could have been sexy time partners??

[E Daily SPN Yang SeungJoon reporter] Group Super Junior’s Shindong "I’ve gone on a blind date with gag woman Shin Bong Sun before" he surprisingly confessed.

Shindong was a guest on (August) 5th broadcast of KBS 2TV 'Happy Together-Season 3' (short form 'Happy Together'). He says “I have a special relation with Shin Bong Sun” as he shares the behind-story about the blind date.

Shindong (beginning of debut) on a radio program where he was a guest was asked what his ideal type is so he said that he likes someone who is small in height and also cute. That’s what happened but the program’s writer said to Shindong “There is a friend of mine named Shin Bong Sun, if it’s okay with you, I can introduce you to her”.

Shindong “At that time Shin Bong Sun had debuted. When I was free, as soon as I answered the phone I ran without stopping to the radio booth” as soon as he said that Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo ect made all the MCs burst into laughter.

And Shindong said “That day Shin Bong Sun gave and received phone numbers, during that time we frequently talked on phone” and “If things went well Shin Bong Sun could’ve been my girlfriend right now”.
The MCs who listened to Shindong’s words said “If you two got married, you would’ve had a very healthy child” to this the recording set because a laughing sea*.

On the other hand, that day at “Happy together” “Hwang Jung Eum, Tiara JiYeon, Singer Hong JinYoung ect were guests.

*Everyone at the set was in a good mood

Source: julzzzz@sj-world.net
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