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The reason why Lee Joon fainted on ‘Invincible Youth’?

The reason behind MBLAQ Lee Joon’s fainting that heated up the internet last week had been revealed.

On the preview of KBS 2TV ‘Invincible Youth’ shown on the 30th, revealed Lee Joon from MBLAQ fainting during the filming. The preview captions included “Emergency Lee Joon fainted”, “Unbelievable situation”, and even showed Kim Taewoo running with Lee Joon on his back attracting attention.

After that, Lee Joon was up in the most searched in different portal sites, and netizens started to question the health status of Lee Joon.

According to ‘Invincible Youth’, MBLAQ appeared on the filming in order to help out on the idol farm for harvest season. So MBLAQ and the G7 members harvested eggplants, grape tomatoes, Korean melons, and more.

‘Invincible Youth’ added, “On that day, Lee Joon tasted the live eggplant while harvesting them and showed signs of eggplant allergies, so in order to put his fever down, there was the happening where others splashed water on to his back. After seeing this, the manager came and Kim Taewoo, who is the MC, watched Lee Joon in a worried expression and that was caught on tape.”

They explained further and added that Lee Joon fainted due to his eggplant allergies. The meeting of MBLAQ and G7 members, along with the eggplant situation will be broadcasted on the 6th at 11:05pm KST.

Source: absolutemblaq.net

I didn't even know that he fainted.
stalking skills are lacking lately...

also... anyone know what and eggplant is?
English brain does not compute
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