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BoA's offical message to fans, asks for support

Entry Title: It's BoA ^^
Date: 2010-08-05 11:31:00PM

Hello. This is BoA.
Have you been well?

I have released an album in Korea after a very very long time.
And on top of that… this year is my 10 year anniversary…ㅋㅋ (I’m feeling shy…)

Because I have done a lot of overseas promotions the past few years
it must have been a disappointing image to my Korean fans,
but even though it was difficult I think it was a time during which
I learned and experienced a great deal, and was able to musically mature a lot…

And so for this 6th album I tried expressing the many things I learned during that time…
I worked hard writing songs, and because I’m now 25 years old I also tried singing sad and emotional ballads ^^ ㅎㅎ
I am going to perform album promotions that are worthy of how long you have waited for me.

Starting tomorrow I will be appearing on Korean TV for the first time in a while ^^ How fun!!
To those people who come to the music programs…
You are the first people who will see the new track?! Anticipate it~~~

This 2010 I really will race harder than ever for all of you. ^^
I ask for much anticipation and support! ^^

sauce: BoA Official Homepage
translation: live laugh love @ soompi
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