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Lee Joon reveals, "Jonghyun seem like the person who has the most time on his hands in SHINee"

SHINee's Key and Jonghyun back with their second album 'Lucifer', appeared on 'Star Golden Bell First Grade Room 1' and showed off clever talking skills.

In the most recent filming, MC Ji Sukjin told SHINee's Key and Jonghyun, "Let's talk about each of your negative sides!" and to this Jonghyun answered, "Key is very detailed, but nags too much" and Key answered, "Jonghyun is a really good friend and I could see him whenever I want because all I have to do is contact him, however since we are always together, it gets tiring!"

Then Jonghyun stated back, "When everyone was resting with the album preparations, other members had their own personal schedule, but then I was the only one without a personal schedule."

After listening to Jonghyun saying this, Lee Joon stated, "If you call Jonghyun, he answers his phone right after two seconds" and then Jonghyun said back, "It isn't because I am not busy, but Lee Joon just calls me when I happened to have nothing to do."

Watching this situation, Ji Sunjin stated, "With this new album, Jonghyun will become busy again!" Jonghyun continued to say that it was all a misunderstanding, but Ji Sukjin added, "Let's all give a round of applause to Jonghyun so that he will get busier soon."

Will be broadcasted on the 7th.

SOURCE: Natenews
TRANSLATION: aoistars@AbsoluteMBLAQ
Tags: mblaq, shinee

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